Happiness is….

by Kirstin McKee

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Tweet January is my least favourite month of the year. Actually, I tell a lie. February is. But still, January is a difficult month to get through. You have to seek out that happiness wherever you can find it. I find myself searching for sun, for the light; I’m not fussy, anywhere will do, which “Read more”



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Our Greek Odyssey

by Kirstin McKee 2 comments November 4, 2010

Tweet Ever since I can remember I have wanted to go to Greece, to visit the home of the ancient heroes and gods I enjoyed reading about as a child. Luckily, our daughter’s enthusiasm for all things ancient Greek, and that of her best friend Georgia, provided a perfect excuse for a trip.

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Tuscany, how we love you!

by Kirstin McKee 3 comments September 1, 2010

Tweet  So, I left you all in France with my last post. After twelve hours in the car, we finally made it to Tuscany and our well-deserved glass (or two) of Chianti. We have been to Tuscany every year for the last decade. My first trip to Italy was when I was seventeen and travelling “Read more”

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Evening cocktails with Andrea and Edouard

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments June 28, 2010

Tweet Thank you everyone for being so patient and supportive of the Blog being down for the last four days. This past Thursday one of Jaden’s classmate Sophie’s parents, Andrea and Edouard,  invited The Epicurean Man and I over to their home  for cocktails and dinner.

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Simone de Beauvoir, ironing and a bowl of cherries

by Kirstin McKee 3 comments May 30, 2010

Tweet When I was sixteen my mother gave me a copy of The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. It was a revelation. My mum studied in Paris in the sixties and knew about philosophy and feminism and I lapped up all her stories of jazz and Sartre. Three months after meeting my now husband, “Read more”

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Poppyseed Cake

by Kirstin McKee 1 comment May 9, 2010

Tweet My best friend and I cooked poppyseed cake yesterday. There’s nothing like baking a cake with a best friend and a glass of wine to hand.

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by Kirstin McKee 0 comments May 6, 2010

Tweet The sixth of May was a big day in the UK; we had elections.  It was a pleasant walk through the neighbourhood to the polling station. Ella wanted to discuss the Athenian way of voting and their pseudo-democracy while Miles thought we were Floating, as opposed to voting. Here they are at the Polling “Read more”

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Adventures Of A Mad Mummy Photographer

by Naima Sanowar 2 comments April 20, 2010

Tweet Everyone that knows me since my son Jaden was born in 2005 , has been bombarded by countless photographs on a weekly basis. Our family and friends are always happy to get them since Jaden is a  bonafide miracle. Jaden  three months premature a ‘micro premmie’ and he weighed 1 pound 14 ounces at “Read more”