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Tweet “Much like Hemingway’s Havana” – This was the exact line that sold me on visiting Port Antonio in Jamaica. I have an obsession with Ernest Hemingway and his many travels ( I had visited every place he ate and drank at in Paris two years ago) so any place that could have the atmospheric “Read more”



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Cousin Daniel is Here !!!!!!!

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment March 15, 2011

Tweet After six months of being apart, Karate Boy’s cousin is on spring break holiday with us in New York City. Daniel and his mum Andrea ( hubby’s sister) moved to Arizona end of summer in 2010. This has been very difficult for my son since he loves him dearly and basically idolizes his eight “Read more”

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The Adventurista’s Photographs of the Week!

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment March 7, 2011

Tweet  I have within the last year taken up a passion for photography. I am completely self -taught, and what that means exactly is, I took my  faithful Olympus PEN camera out of the box and without reading a single line from the manual book, started taking pictures. I have had advice and help virally from my “Read more”

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Karate Boy in Reflection

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments February 20, 2011

Tweet Lately, I have been getting back to the habit of making sure to stop and take portraits, of people I meet on my many adventures in the City. Friday was a balmy sixty degrees and off to the playground, my little guy and I went to hang with friends. There was this moment when “Read more”

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Happiness is….

by Kirstin McKee 0 comments January 21, 2011

Tweet January is my least favourite month of the year. Actually, I tell a lie. February is. But still, January is a difficult month to get through. You have to seek out that happiness wherever you can find it. I find myself searching for sun, for the light; I’m not fussy, anywhere will do, which “Read more”

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Tent Life: Haiti …our adventure in Dumbo

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment January 6, 2011

Tweet It has been an electrifying 2011 and Karate Boy and I are not wasting any time in the adventure department. We have been busy bodies all week. Tonight we headed to a neighborhood in Brooklyn called . Dumbo’s   growing art community offers many galleries and exhibits to peruse, and we were off to the Umbrage Gallery for “Read more”

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Baby it’s snowing outside….

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment December 26, 2010

Tweet My cousin in London has been posting these beautiful photographs of all the snow they have been having the last few weeks. When the news forecasted SNOW for NYC today, I was only too excited to get Karate Boy out in the snow to frolic  and take photos. The fact is that Karate Boy has his mum’s Trinidadian DNA “Read more”

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by Kirstin McKee 0 comments December 19, 2010

Tweet  It’s been a year of photographic discovery for me. Our children have watched me while I’ve figured out how all the buttons work on my camera and then, later on in the year, how to process pictures. They have patiently stood still in sun, rain and yes, even snow while I have taken pictures “Read more”

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Photography 101

by Naima Sanowar 3 comments November 23, 2010

Tweet This past year I discovered two hidden talents I never knew I had… writing and an eye for photography. Both are self taught , though I have my wonderful cousin Kirstin who is an amazing  photographer as my mentor. Kirstin lives across the pond, London to be exact. We communicate via my Blog ( “Read more”

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Beautiful Indian Summer- Deborah & Romeo

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments November 17, 2010