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Tweet Halloween has come and gone. It was an epic one in Clinton Hill. Every year my son Jaden and his friends meet in Fort Greene Park by this huge rock to take pictures. Then after we all start walking up Dekalb avenue towards Clinton Ave for the spooktacular show put on by Halloween 313. “Read more”



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Apple Picking Adventure at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard !

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments September 29, 2014

Tweet Fall is officially here and the past few years we have been going pumpkin picking out in Long Island , you can read about  it HERE . Shockingly enough we have never taken Jaden apple picking before . This past Friday my dear Mummy friend Kasia and her boys Kasper ( Jaden’s BFF) and his “Read more”

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone !!!

by Naima Sanowar 3 comments December 14, 2011

Tweet I never let the stress of gift  buying hamper my Christmas cheer. NEVER !!!! My policy has been for the last five years, purchasing Christmas presents ,  strictly  for the kids. Not having to worry about what to buy The Epicurean Man or any other adult, makes my Christmas mood honest and sincere.  This “Read more”

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Missing in Action for Twenty Days! I am so Happy to be Back…

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments May 2, 2011

Tweet It has been 20 days since my last POST !!!!!  Since I  started this Blog, I don’t think I have ever gone a single week without uploading a minimum of at least 2 posts weekly. I hope you guys are still out there in cyber-space supporting me, so sorry and I promise never to go “Read more”

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Catch that Sunset!!!!!!

by Naima Sanowar 0 comments March 21, 2011

Tweet This morning I awoke in a brilliant mood…PHEW!!! Thank-goodness!!! Yesterday, I was so much the Debbie Downer, but it did me good, to allow myself to be human. Anyways, I am off to an event in the City that entails all things French, I shall share with you once I am back. In the “Read more”

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Cousin Daniel is Here !!!!!!!

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment March 15, 2011

Tweet After six months of being apart, Karate Boy’s cousin is on spring break holiday with us in New York City. Daniel and his mum Andrea ( hubby’s sister) moved to Arizona end of summer in 2010. This has been very difficult for my son since he loves him dearly and basically idolizes his eight “Read more”

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A Chinatown Adventure with Karate Boy and Friends

by Naima Sanowar 6 comments February 24, 2011

Tweet My son Karate Boy is obsessed with China and it’s culture, ironically so was I as a child, growing up in Trinidad. I have fond memories of my Dad taking my brothers and I at least twice a month to see  kung-fu movies…”kick ups” as we called them in Trinidad. Since the celebrations of “Read more”

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Mojo Mama

by Melissa W. 2 comments January 28, 2011

Tweet You  may remember my recent post on how to become a Black Swan Mom. This week, dear reader, I’m going to focus on something that’s a little more….shall I say….immediate. And it doesn’t require an ounce of self reflection. Instead, it involves a simple, green drink called the Mojito. I promise that imbibing this “Read more”

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Giant Steps to Change the World

by Naima Sanowar 1 comment January 24, 2011

Tweet This past Sunday on a very cold day, Karate Boy and I ventured out of our warm cozy home and headed to a  fabulous bookstore called PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo for a special kids reading and book signing by Academy Award nominated film director Spike Lee, his wife Tonya Lewis Lee, and award-winning artist and illustrator “Read more”

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Solitary Confinement

by Melissa W. 0 comments January 22, 2011

Tweet This past weekend, while on a snowy retreat with friends in Vermont, the boychild got up on skis for the first time. Not that I got to witness this special moment. Yes. This is going to be a post full of bitterness and self-pity. You got a problem with that? Let’s start at the “Read more”