Planning the Perfect Cuba 1930 Backyard Bacchanalia !!!

by Naima Sanowar

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What are the secrets to throwing a magical backyard soiree ? How do you prepare and who do you invite ? I am not the perfect hostess but I do have some great ideas since I love throwing dinners and parties at my place. This year for our birthdays ( my Hubby Joe is May 13th and I am the 15th) , I threw a Cuban themed backyard bacchanalia. Here are some of my tips and ideas from our epic party this past Sunday.

The Theme : Cuban 1930 bacchanalia with a fabulous mojito/Cuba libre bar. A live Cuban band ( think Buena Vista Social Club ) and yummy latin food.

The Guest List : Since it was a birthday party for both my Hubby Joe and I, it was mandatory I made sure to have both our friends and families at the party. I also wanted our guest list to compromise of many different cultures, professions and aspirational so we can all learn and get something positive and fun from one another. I don’t know if this makes any sense? It worked out perfectly and everyone at the party had such an amazing time getting to know one another. I also left the invitation open , to anyone to bring their kids along , since it was a Sunday evening and I know that it is mostly reserved for family time. I do love having kids at our parties, it makes me very happy . I made the invitations for the party on an app called OVER found in the app store on my iphone 6.

The Decor : A classic simple setting that screamed magical moody Brooklyn backyard party. I bought globe string lights , after extensively looking I found the perfect ones at Crate and Barrel . My Hubby Joe threw our beautiful picnic blanket on the grassy portion of our backyard and we added two grey benches for extra seating . I purchased gorgeous peonies which are in season, as well as pink roses for the mojito bar from Stem in Fort Greene .

The Menu : I normally cook at my parties but since we had 30 people, I had it catered from a wonderful local Dominican restaurant called El Cofre in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The menu consisted of rice and peas, roast pork, baked chicken, fried sweet plantains, avocado salad and an array of empanadas ( chicken, beef and cheese) . We had two amazing birthday cakes one Tres Leches and a Chocolate from Angela’s Bakery .

The Mojito and Cuba Libre Bar : I had way too much fun setting up the mojito and Cuba libre bar with rockstar bartender Issac Flores from Dick and Jane . Issac and I went to the market to buy only the freshest of ingredients for the mojitos … limes and mint. We had Havana Club rum brought in from Cuba and Mexican cola for the Cuba Libres . We also had hand rolled cigars from Diamante’s Brooklyn web cam gilrd online Cigar Lounge.

The Entertainment : Nothing makes a party more fabulous than live music. I was determined to find the most authentic Cuban band to perform at our party. The sound had to be like Buena Vista Social Club ( my favorite ). How lucky was I to be able to book the amazing band Grupo Irek . They were so professional, personable and had all of our guests including Joe and I dancing the evening away to amazing cha cha and mambo tunes.

It was a magical Cuban 1930 Birthday Bacchanalia and we all had an amazing time. I am posting pictures below of the party . I Hope you enjoy them. The last picture ( black and white ) was taken by my dear friend Anna Campanelli Photography

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