Port Antonio… Our Magical Jamaican Adventure.

by Naima Sanowar

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“Much like Hemingway’s Havana” – This was the exact line that sold me on visiting Port Antonio in Jamaica. I have an obsession with Ernest Hemingway and his many travels ( I had visited every place he ate and drank at in Paris two years ago) so any place that could have the atmospheric feel of a Hemingway conquest, well I am there. In the 1950’s Portie – as the town is affectionately called, was where Hollywood and Aristocrats gathered for their lavish holidays. Back then Portie was a small banana, shipping village , favored by the global elite, that luxury traveller. Errol Flynn, arrived on his schooner in 1946 and established the coconut and cattle estate, that his widow Patrice Wymore, called home until her recent passing. Port Antonio has sort of remained the same since the 1950’s , it almost has the feeling of a town lost in time. There are no huge family and couples resorts like Negril or Montego Bay. It is also a two and half hour drive from the Norman Manley airport in Kingston. There are private charter flights leaving Kingston to Port Antonio ( Raymond our driver mentioned to us, he drove singer Beyonce’s luggage recently to the new Trident, the same hotel we stayed at, while she took the helicopter.) A rugged drive winding through a piece of the Blue Mountain. Our journey was bumpy and I was quite dizzy but the views were breathtaking and worth every turn down a hilly road. I enjoyed driving through the small towns dotting the mountain as well as through the quaint fishing villages with it’s colorful shops, locals hanging out at the rum shops and school children playing football in their school yard. I describe Port Antonio as a combination of luxury and rustic, the magical lush green landscape ( Port Antonio is known as the wettest and lushest Parish in all of the 14 districts of Jamaica) is what you come to Port Antonio to experience. A far difference to the commercial , touristy feel of the huge resort attractions.

Wall Street Journal quoted British- born Hotelier Jon Baker – “ Port Antonio is the “other” Jamaica, with little crime and incredibly welcoming locals eager to please foreigners to join their community. This is a place whose renaissance is firmly in play.” Mr. Baker a former Island Records executive opened GeeJam in 2008. A resort nestled in the lush rainforest with only four suites and one villa, plus a world renowned state of the art recording studio. Several artists recorded at GeeJam Studios including No Doubt, Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys to name a few. It’s most recent project the Jolly Boys, china sex site is a legendary Mento band. We were able to see them perform at GeeJam and it was one of the best highlights of my http://hephzibahhouseofprayer.gtwop.com/gays-doing-sex-games-online-nx trip. To expand the brand and luxury appeal, Mr Baker joined forces with Jamaican-Canadian billionaire Michael Lee Chin to open the gorgeous 13 villa Trident where my Husband, Son and I stayed during our magical week in Port Antonio. Following our travel theme “ Luxury Family Holiday”…The Trident Hotel is decadent , low key luxury located in a most dramatic setting besides the deep blue Caribbean ocean , the waves crashing along the cliffs gives the area a Mediterranean look. The Trident is so peaceful and pristine, a great place to come back to after our daily adventures in lush green, eco friendly Port Antonio. The staff at Trident were the friendliest I had ever come across. My eight old son was welcomed with open arms. My husband and I are very particular about where we stay when we choose a hotel. We are design buffs and our villa at the Trident met our design aesthetic perfectly. My Husband loved the personal heated plunge pool that came with the villa, my son the pd1170 web cam driver windows xp Apple T.V which he looked at endless mine craft videos on. Did I mention we also had a lovely outdoor bath-tub?

I had four adventures I absolutely needed to do once In Port Antonio. All of them booked through the Trident Hotel. The first three were : We went to famous Boston Bay beach to check out its surfing culture ( Errol Flynn’s fashion model grandson still hits the swells) and to eat what is described as the best jerk chicken in all of Jamaica ( the jerk chicken was delicious but we also had more during our week in Portie that was equally as good. One such place was Piggy’s Jerk Chicken Shack.). The next day we headed to Frenchman’s Cove. A gorgeous beach that a natural spring runs into. Words cannot describe our visuals. You shall just have to go yourself to see it. A side note, Frenchman’s Cove is private and there is a fee. christian dating site uk Brooke Shields immortalized this magical place in the movie entitled the Blue Lagoon. We rented a boat to the Blue Lagoon and stopped off at a few beaches including one of 2008 masters singles winner my favorites the only one that is public called Winnifred Beach. The Blue Lagoon is mesmerizing and full of pure beauty. All three of us swam in the deep clear blue waters.

Our fourth and one of our favorite adventures in Port Antonio was rafting eight miles down the Rio Grande River. The raft is made of local bamboo, we drifted down the river commanded by a lovely oarsman. Passing the lush green jungle, banana plantations, it was beyond scenic and peaceful. We stopped a couple of times to swim in the river. Halfway down the Rio Grande, we pulled over to a spot for lunch. Cooked by the famous Belinda . I told Belinda I felt like I knew her already, since I had seen dozens of pictures of her prior to my trip on Instagram. She smiled and gave me a huge hug. We have been back two days now from Jamaica and we are still dreaming of that lunch Belinda prepared for us in a huge cast iron pot in the middle of the jungle. Especially the curried crawfish cooked in coconut milk.


It was important for me to get out and meet the people of Port Antonio. Every one of them were lovely and welcoming. The first photograph below is of Steve Beaver, co- owner of the GeeJam Collection. He was so hospitable to Joe, Jaden and I .We chatted on numerous occasions about the future plans for Port Antonio, more importantly for the magical Blue Lagoon. The last picture I took on the boat to the Blue Lagoon is my Husband Joe and eight year old son Jaden.

Entering and departing Jamaica at the Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Jamaica was made such a fabulous experience due to the folks over at Club Kingston. It is truly a first class lounge experience. My son Jaden exclaimed “ This is the life.”

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