The Ultimate Valentine’s Day : Mojitos Cuban Cuisine with Chef Maria Kata Velez

by Naima Sanowar

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I was so excited when BCA ( Best Chefs America) Chef Maria Kata Velez agreed to co host with The Adventurista a Valentine’s Day Parlor Salon, teaching s few ladies and I how to make cocktails for kissing and tapas to go along with them. New York City has been experiencing one of it’s coldest winter’s ever and what a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s with a loved one than to add some tropical flair into the mix.

Celebrity Chef Maria Kata Velez is the owner of renowned restaurant Mojitos Cuban Cuisine in Brooklyn , NY and recent winner of the Food Network show Cutthroat Kitchen. Chef Maria is full of so much energy and warmth, you instantly see her passion for preparing good quality, delicious items for her customers. She took us back to her kitchen to teach us how to make simple, quick , sexy tapas for Valentine’s day or just a lovely date night at home. Chef Maria used only fresh ingredients and created dishes that had such flavor, the fragrance that enveloped her kitchen had us ladies salivating . The four tapas she taught us were :

Taquitos Havana : Two warm soft corn tortillas with rope vieja and veggies.

Cuban Sliders : Two Cuban sliders in a deep fried tostones loaded with chicken and pernil.

Quesito Fundido : Latin American melted cheese dish with veggies and toasted bread.

Guava Shrimp Skewers : Grilled jumbo shrimp with guava barbecue sauce.

Cuban Coffee Tres Leches Cake with Patron XO Cafe.

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Straight from the kitchen to her colorful bar to learn how to make sexy cocktails for kissing. I was in awe at how easy Chef Maria transitioned from the kitchen to whipping up different cocktails for us. This woman exudes passion for everything she touches and it translated to us all who were privileged to be in her presence . I am a sucker for a good mojito and the one she taught us to make tasted like a long drink of sunshine on a beach. I have always said to add romance to a date night at home, nothing is better than making sexy cocktails with your loved one. I cannot wait to make the ones I learnt from Chef Maria with my Hubby Joe, especially during this mad snow storm we are experiencing in New York City. The three cocktails for kissing :

Havana Cosmo : 1/2 oz Ultimate Vodka. 1/4 oz Patron Citronge . 2 oz White Cranberry juice. 1/2 fresh lemon juice. 1 tsp white sugar. Shake all ingredients and strain into a martini glass, with white sugar rim. Garnish with floating cranberry .

Ultimate Mojito : Muddle gently 8 mint leaves. 2 tsp white sugar. 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice. 1/2 oz fresh lime juice. 2 oz Cruzan vanilla rum. 1 oz watermelon liquor. Shake all ingredients pour i a tall glass. Garnish with a watermelon stick.

Hemingway Punch : 1 1/2 oz Ultimate vodka. 1 oz Pom liquor. 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice. 2 tsp of white sugar. Shake all ingredients and pour into glass. Garnish with lemon wedge.

Mojito Cuban Cuisine is having the Ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow night. Make sure to call and make a reservation. Take a trip to Cuba and take your mind away from all this snow , if just for one night.

I hope you enjoy my photo diary, it was challenging trying to take pics while learning to cook and getting pleasantly buzzed from the yummy cocktails. They will just have to do . Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day sexy singles sexy singles partner sex to all my Adventurista’s.

Mojito Cuban Cuisine

82 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 797-3100

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