Somewhere For The Weekend : Ladurée Tea Salon in Soho…

by Naima Sanowar

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The long-awaited New York City Ladurée tea salon has finally arrived from Paris. And just like the one on Champs Élysées, it’s spectacular. Unlike Ladurée’s first North American outpost on Madison Avenue, the Soho location combines retail bakery, tea room, and full-service restaurant. A week before Valentine’s Day , it was a perfect reason to go explore and I planned out a lovely play-date with my son Jaden and his beautiful friend Severan, this past Sunday morning.

Jaden who is latin women for dating and relationships obsessed with hot chocolate could not wait to try it at Ladurée. The two kids ordered a pot of decadent hot chocolate to share between them and an array of colorful macaroons. The setting was beautiful and the servers spoke to them in French. This is such a wonderful place to have lunch, tea and desserts with a loved one , friends or plan a fun play-date for the kids.

I asked eight year old Jaden and nine year old Severan a few questions about what they thought about Valentine’s day and their experience at Ladurée.

Me : How do you really feel about Valentine’s Day?

Jaden : I cannot believe it is adult chat apps on cell an entire day dedicated to just Love, it is sort of a waste.

Severan : I love Valentine’s Day .

Me : What’s your favorite part of Valentine’s Day?

Jaden : Hmm nothing really, well maybe the chocolate .

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Severan : I get to eat lots of chocolate.

Me : How was the hot chocolate and macaroons here at Ladurée?

Jaden : This was the best hot chocolate EVER !!! The macaroons reminded me of the ones we had in Paris.

Severan : I like the hot chocolate a lot, it was very thick and different. The macaroons are very pretty here .

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