Drinking Macallan Whisky with my Ladies !!!

by Naima Sanowar

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There is something sexy about a woman who drinks Whisky. Tough, admirable, intimidating … a woman at a bar , alone with friends, on a date, ordering a Whisky neat. Whisky has cachet, it is a taste acquired, once known as a ” man’s drink,” women today are interested in knowing more about the mastery of how it is made, aged and it’s myriad of flavors. I myself have recently started drinking and relishing the joys of Whisky. I was eager to introduce a brand that I have come to love to a few of my lady friends. A little cocktail soiree was in order. Macallan Whisky our guest of honor. I reached out to ambassador of all that is Whisky , Nicole Riske, for a bit of guidance on how to serve it to my guests.

Nicole explained to me, that the Macallan 12 year, single malt , is part of the sherry oak series. Meaning it has been aged 100% exclusively in Spanish oak, sherry seasoned casks. On the nose, you may find notes of rich dried fruit, sherry, vanilla, ginger and a hint of smoke. On the palate, a beautiful smoothness, again with rich dried fruit notes, sherry, wood smoke and spice. The finish is warm with sweet toffee, a hint of smoke, spice and dried fruits. I asked Nicole, how should I serve Macallan 12? She replied ” Always drink Whisky however you like. I recommend three parts . Start neat, then add a few drops of water to release new aromas and flavors. Then add a cube or two of ice, this will release some of the heat/spice and change the viscosity. At least I think so.” I took Nicole’s expert advice and the ladies and I had a wonderful time sipping on the Macallan 12, we are officially ” Women who drink Whisky.”

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