New York City Museums- The MET & The Temple Of Dendur !

by Naima Sanowar

in FAMILY,New York

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One of the most beautiful things about living in New York City, is it’s abundance of sidewalk culture. A subway ride can get you to the most splendid adventures . Last Sunday  morning , lazing in bed I jumped up and proclaimed to the hubby and son that we are heading to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art for an Egyptian Art adventure. City bound we were at the Temple of Dendur within thirty minutes of leaving home. It was a wonderful time, The Epicurean Man, Karate Boy and I walked around this ancient temple in amazement .

The Temple of Dendur is a temple that was built by the Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius, around 15 BC and dedicated to IsisOsiris, as well as two deified sons of a local Nubian chieftain, Pediese (“he whom Isis has given”) and Pihor (“he who belongs to Horus“).[1] The temple was commissioned by Emperor Augustus of Rome and has been exhibited in theMetropolitan Museum of Art in New York since 1978. Source

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