Happy Chinese New Year -My Enter The Dragon Adventure in Chinatown

by Naima Sanowar

in New York

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A new lunar year began today Monday 23, and according to Chinese astrology, it will be a particularly auspicious one : ” Of the 12 signs, the dragon is the only animal that’s legendary,” explains Ryan Wong, assistant curator at the Museum of Chinese in America. ” It’s a pervasive year icon in Chinese culture. Unlike  the Western dragon, usually  associated with evil and aggression, the Chinese one is benevolent, powerful and associated with heaven.”-

A rainy manic Monday, I woke up this morning determined to hit the subway and head into Chinatown to attend the 13th Annual Chinatown Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival. My fabulous Mummy friend Tamara was my partner in crime. Both of us armed with our camera’s, we jumped on the B train and headed to Grand Street in Chinatown.  A little rain could not stop us Adventurista’s, once at Sara D. Roosevelt  Park, we realized to get to where all the action was, we needed a press pass. A few smiles, and  politeness , the guard at the gate granted us entry. What gorgeous  colors, people, activities. The rain only made it  moody and romantic for me. I was so excited to capture some of this with my camera. I hope you enjoy my photo diary . The Dragon was front and center at the Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival, as some of the 600,000 rounds of explosives that were customized in the shape of the legendary animal. -

Go to betterchinatown.com for more information on the 13th Annual Chinatown Lunar Year Parade on January 29th, 11.30 am -4pm Free.

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