Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone !!!

by Naima Sanowar

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I never let the stress of gift  buying hamper my Christmas cheer. NEVER !!!! My policy has been for the last five years, purchasing Christmas presents ,  strictly  for the kids. Not having to worry about what to buy The Epicurean Man or any other adult, makes my Christmas mood honest and sincere.  This works best for my disposition during this holiday season. I still feel obligated to do a short but sweet post on ” last minute gifts for everyone.”  Feel free to leave me a comment at the end of this post, on any of my suggestions below that suit your fancy for a gift , for that special one.

For That Special Guy :

This cup is so sexy, I can totally see my man sipping his coffee from this on our late Sunday morning’s in bed.

Merge Cup White Porcelain Black Walnut Handle/Saucer
Cost : $75.00

No need to head to the local bar for a draft !!!! Pour a perfectly chilled draught with this tabletop beer system designed to tap a five-liter Heineken mini keg. Silent, built-in Peltier cooling element; patented internal carbon technology keeps contents fresh for up to 30 days. LED display indicates volume and temperature settings.

Krups® BeerTender. 17″Wx10″Dx18″H

Cost :$95, Crate & Barrel

When I was buying Christmas presents for my wonderful Hubby, The Epicurean Man, this was one of my favorite coats I bought him some years ago.  Every man needs a classic trench coat , at least  my man does.

Burberry Cotton Caban Trench Coat

Cost : $1,195.00,  Burberry

For That Special Lady :

For that special woman on the GO !!! Up her iPad’s style ante with a bold casing made from Italian leather. Brightly colored floral and marine prints show her how much you care.

Cost :$70.00, Dewdrop

The first of its kind, the DeLeón Extra Añejo is the only Tequila in the world to present a cask-strength 102-proof tequila. Rivaling the finest of world-class scotches, this is not a tequila for everyone. Only the very select. And the very selective. For those who know better… it is known as the DeLeón 51. From the leather box to the iconic metal top, the master for which was hand-carved from a one-pound ball of sterling silver by famed rock ‘n roll jewelry designer Bill Wall… this is the ultimate gift for the ” mixologist” in a lady. 

DeLeon Tequila 51

Cost : $250, DeLeon Tequila

I would love one thank you !!! A sleek, decadent Gucci watch that is. Perfect for the little cocktail dress on a Friday night, or with those jeans and t shirt at the movies. This gift will only bring huge smiles to that special lady.

Cost : $2395, Gucci

For That Special Kid :

The Karate Boy was loving the edgy, cool designs from Appaman clothing  even before he was hand-picked to model in the 2012 Holiday Catalog.  We are both just crazy about the fabulous outer-wear for both girls and boys, dresses, vintage mod suits, basically everything that is Appaman. Check it out, I guarantee your little darling would love them too.

Appaman Clothing

Living in a big City like New York City, a parent needs to get creative with how to entertain their little one. How fabulous is the Spiro Bouncer. Bring the playground inside. Exciting , hop-on seesaw for instant indoor or outdoor fun.

Spiro Bouncer

Cost : $79.95 , TP Activity Toys

Your kid will be the envy of the playground with this show-stopper – Rockboard Scooter. Kids and adults will want to hop on this self -propelling, chain-mechanized pulley system, enabling them to scoot without a foot ever touching the ground. The faster kids propel up and down, the faster the ride. Folds up for easy transportation .

Cost : $199.99 ( Mini : $159.99), Rockboard Scooters

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Petal December 15, 2011 at 12:47 AM

This is a really fun list. As I have no kids and Im stumped for stuff to get for my friends’ kids the kid list is unique and really appreciated. I love the scooter and that Tequila will soon be in a bar in my house.

Naima Sanowar December 15, 2011 at 2:56 AM


I am glad you liked at least one or two things on the list. The tequila will be the smoothest tequila you will ever taste. The scooter I am told is out of this world.

Annemarie Lawelss December 16, 2011 at 8:35 AM

When we getting together for that shot of Tequila! LOL! I totally agree-Christmas is for the little ones!

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