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Good Times With My Yummy Mummy’s

by Naima Sanowar

in Drink,Food,Living

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The days are getting shorter, there is a bit of crisp in the air… looks like Fall is coming and this means the kids are back in school in a few weeks, some even sooner. I have been quietly missing some of my Mummy friends who have been busy with their families during the summer. Yesterday I planned a spontaneous ” Yummy Mummy brunch” at Choice Greene

Three wonderful Mums Jannie, Lorna and Megan and their kids met Karate Boy and I, it was such a fabulous time. I bought a lovely bottle of French Rose, we all purchased yummy chesses, salami and crusty breads. I have been in this obsessive mood of staging ” lazy days of frolicking with friends, sipping on wine and eating yummy cheeses” ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain’s episode on Provence , France. That is exactly what we did, we ate and drank leisurely , sharing laughs and catching up after a long and fantastic summer.

After Choice Greene, we walked over to the park and continued our soiree there. While the kids played, we relaxed, sipping on a glass each of gin and tonic, courtesy of one of the fabulous mums. Don’t judge, this is the age of ” Mums are allowed a little self indulgence” HaHaHa. It was good times !!! Karate Boy and I headed home after and I prepared dinner for him and The Epicurean Man… Spaghetti Carbonara

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