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Birthdays, Rainy days, baby-chicks, Art exhibit, French movies & Meeting old friends

by Naima Sanowar

in Food,Living,New York

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I know I have been missing in action of late. Sporadic posts and no explanations for why? I have been so swamped everyone, and this is still not a good enough reason. I miss you all so much, and I promise my schedule is finally being all sorted out and I will be making weekly posts again.

This past week, we celebrated The Epicurean Man’s birthday last Friday and mine last Sunday. I took the hubby to a fabulous restaurant in the City called The Lion . One of the hottest restaurants in New York City. The decor is beautiful,  ambiance  sexy, the crowd  beautiful, the service was great & the food …. DELICIOUS. I was excited to be able to finally take my hubby to a restaurant he had never been before.  After dinner we hurried home to sing ” Happy Birthday” and blow out candles with Karate Boy. The Epicurean Man loved his present  we got him. A Jack Spade laptop bag. My lovely first cousin Kirsten sent me via mail for my birthday, the most wonderful gift. A book on photography called… Expressive Photography.

I think this has been the rainiest Spring in New York City I have ever experienced.  Good thing for me. I LOVE THE RAIN!  Brooklyn has never looked so Green. During the week of torrential rain we had spurts of lovely weather. Karate Boy and I took my Granny who is on holiday with us,  to his School’s art exhibit. We also took her to see the adorable baby chicks that hatched. Friday, my little guy decided to dress himself and looked so freaking adorable in his Cuban hat. Later that night we headed to my hubby’s little cousin Ana’s, sweet sixteen birthday party in the city.

I am so loving our Saturday date nights , especially when we double date with other couples. This past Saturday we double dated with Dorka and Jason.  We headed to Soho to see a movie I was so thrilled to finally get to watch. Woody Allens’s ” Midnight in Paris.”  The cinematography of Paris was so beautiful. Midnight in Paris comes to life in three separate decades, giving us all the Paris of our dreams. Owen Wilson was so perfect in the part. I will end it here, and not give much away, it was truly a very romantic perfect date movie. After it was off to cocktails at Lure Fishbar in Soho. Blood orange , lychee martinis, gin and tonic’s it was a fantastic ending to a fabulous night with friends. Oh wait and who just happened to be sitting next to us? Well an actor we admire alot… Tim Roth . Jason insisted I take a photograph of him with Tim Roth, I happily obliged and so did he.

Today on Sunday, Karate Boy and I were invited over to a ‘ lime”  Trinidadian term for ” Hanging’. I was so happy to introduce my son to old friends of mine from my high school days in Trinidad. A reunion in Brooklyn with Brother Michael and past students from Presentation College , the first Catholic secondary school in South Trinidad… brought these wonderful group of guys together. Some of these awesome guys, I have not seen in twenty years, it was splendid to be able to re-connect with them all.  Here is a photograph I took with my Blackberry cell phone.

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