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The Adventurista’s Photographs of the Week!

by Naima Sanowar

in Photography

Post image for The Adventurista’s Photographs of the Week!

 I have within the last year taken up a passion for photography. I am completely self -taught, and what that means exactly is, I took my  faithful Olympus PEN camera out of the box and without reading a single line from the manual book, started taking pictures. I have had advice and help virally from my lovely cousin Kirstin in London ( a rock-star photographer), as well as my mummy-friend photographer extraordinaire  Anna. Ninety nine percent of the times, it is just myself  trying to figure things out. I do want to learn all the photography jargon like iso, shutter speeds etc, but  for now I will rely on my ” emotive photographs” as some of my readers have described my photos.

The past few days it was very eventful for Karate Boy, he graduated to senior yellow belt in karate, he hung out with friends,  treated himself to his favorite gigantic chocolate chip cook, and saw some beautiful NYC sunsets. Here are few photos I took  the last 5 days.

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yasmine March 8, 2011 at 2:09 PM

omggg! look at J being all James Dean cool on that 2nd to last pic. He’s getting the ladies too!

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