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Nigella Express- Italian Sausages in Hot Tomato Sauce with Polenta

by Naima Sanowar

in Food & Drinks

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The last few months has been so hectic, all in a wonderful way of course. Blogging, real estate business, mummy-hood and wifely duties, cooking unfortunately has been last on my priority list. On week-ends I do cook, but mostly we eat out. During the week, I have been spoilt by  www.freshdirect.com… they have the most delicious ready-to cook meals. I really must give it a go, cooking more from scratch, that is. What is a time crunched mum like myself to do? I have found the perfect solution, well at least  for today .. Nigella Express~ good, food , fast. 

The Epicurean Man requested  pasta for dinner , I asked him exactly what he had in mind?… he replied ” Get creative!” Italian Sausages in Hot Tomato Sauce with Polenta seemed reasonably easy. Only problem was it called for Marsala? I instantly got confused ” what is that exactly?”.. sounded Indian? Quick trip to the grocery and no luck finding this Marsala. I called my cooking mentor, my amazing mother-in law- Donna ( she knows everything about cooking), she suggested I use the tandoori seasoning  I had in my cabinet. Less than forty-five minutes later, the most fragrant, delicious dish…  ” very high-end” indeed Nigella. I hope you make this dish, I posted a bunch of pictures along with the recipe.

Tandoori replaced the marsala

Frying the sausages and adding the tandoori powder

Simmer the sausages in the tomato chilli sauce

Easiest polenta to make

Grilling the polenta

Sauted spinach to go with the dish

Italian Sausages in Hot Tomato Sauce with Polenta

Italian Sausages in Hot Tomato Sauce with Polenta


1 * 15 ml tablespoon chilli oil

1kg Italian sausages

4 * 15 ml tablespoons Marsala

2 * 340 g  jar tomato and chilli sauce

250 ml water

500g  instant polenta

 chicken stock cube

2* 15 ml tablespoon olive oil


Heat chili oil in pan and add sausages.Fry for about for 5 mins. until they are coloured.

Add marsala and let it bubble for a minute or two, pour in pasta sauce and 250 ml water over the sausages.

Simmer for 15 mins. Meanwhile, make instant polenta using chicken stock, rather than using plain boiling water.

When polenta is cooked, whisk 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Serve immediately.

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Nicole February 9, 2011 at 8:52 PM

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Polenta is one of my faves.

Naima Sanowar February 9, 2011 at 9:29 PM

It was so yummy Nicole let me know if you make it…

intrigued February 25, 2011 at 3:07 AM

Marsala is italian wine. It is very similar to port. Not sure if tandoori seasoning is the correct substitue…but looks great all the same! :)

Naima Sanowar February 25, 2011 at 10:06 AM


I was meaning to do a follow up on the whole Marsala debacle. So the novice cook that I am, took Marsala wine for the indian seasoning lol. Hence thinking I can subsitute tandoori for it. I think Nigella would have rolled over in hysterics at how I completely changed her recipe. The dish was smoky and yummy. A friend of mine suggested that maybe I started an Italian/Indian fusion trend !!!!!

What do you think? But now I must re-do the recipe with the Marsala wine, to see how it was intended to taste.

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