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My Adventure Life List

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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Maggie Mason of  http://mightygirl.net/ started a campaign a few years ago called ” My Mighty List” and encouraged her readers to do so. I am a loyal reader of  Mighty Girl and  since  turning 40 years old  last May, realized that there are so many adventures to accomplish before ” I go”. In the spirit of  Maggie’s ” My Mighty List” , I am starting my own list.

My Adventure Life List- 100 Things To Do Before I Go

 1. Get Rosetta Stone in French and be conversational by April |2. Learn to swim | 3.Get some organizational skills|4. Rainforest Hike in Hana/Maui | 5. Read a book on a beach in Anguilla |6. Paris in Spring |7.Search for the perfect Mojito in Cuba |8. Become conversational in Spanish |9. Frolic through the open markets in Paris | 10. Try oysters |11. Take a romantic week-end trip to Montreal with the hubby |12.Take my son to Disney-world |13.Try out reiki  | 14. Visit my cousin in Belgium | 15. Visit my cousin in London | 16. Open a boutique hotel in Downtown Brooklyn | 17. Open a hotel on a Caribbean island | 18. Maintain a solid size 4 |19. Learn how to choose wines for any ocassion |20. Master a Mac-Pro Book| 21. Learn how to use my camera |22. Master photoshop |23. Go on a zipline |24. Frame my family pictures |25. Create and pitch a show to a major network |26. Be conversational in Portuguese | 27.Set foot on all seven continents |28. Go on a food crawl in the South America  | 29. Mentor a young person in need |30. Find for myself a few amazing mentors | 31. Go to India and search for any family | 32. Own a small vineyard in the Northfork, Long Island or stay in  one for an entire summer| 33. Spend a whole week, reading and nothing else |34. Watch the movie The Way We Were with my girlfriends| 35.Meet Ms. Oprah Winfrey | 36. Spend 2 weeks in Tobago with my family, including my Mum | 37. Take my Mum on a shopping spree | 38. Help my Dad retire in the next 3 years | 39. Make my own perfume | 40. Get a new header and Logo for The Adventurista | 41. Ride a horse | 42. Sell my home and move to Manhattan |43. Build a country home with my hubby in the Hamptons|44. To own a residence on http://www.bakersbayclub.com/ |45. Work on a design project with Robert and Cortney Novogratz |  46. Write my memoir |47. Do high tea at noon at the plaza| 48. Go to Haiti and help, however I can| 49. Become a citizen teacher | 50. Try my best to surrender my ego to a higher power| 51. Learn to make a quiche |52.Take a cooking class in Tuscany |53. Go on a Disney Cruise with Karate Boy & The Epicurean Man |54.Spend a day with my cousin Kirstin in London taking photographs | 55. Host an afternoon tea service with a few lady friends of mine | 56. Swim with Sharks | 57. Learn to do laundry| 58. Learn to do house-work properly | 59.See the Great Wall Of China |60. Become a vegetarian for one year | 61. Go on a fabulous holiday to anywhere with my 1st cousins, Natacha, Sharon, Kirstin, Annika, LaToya and Saeeda | 62. Learn to make pastelles |63. Learn to ice skate | 64. Go back to Hawaii, this time take Karate Boy with us |65. Buy my Dad a house in Tobago |66. Buy my Mum a house in Tobago | 67. Meet Bebel Gilberto in person |68. Master Krav Maga | 69. Buy a Leica camera |70. Remove money as a concern | 71.Write a million dollar check to a charity | 72. Visit South Africa | 73. Become good at making crafty things | 74. Give up sugarey drinks for a year | 75. Learn to forgive |76. Learn to make a dress |7 7. Visit Tulum, Mexico |78. Spend a week  in Greece |79. Attend the Opera in London |  80. Attend the Opera at Lincoln Square |81. Do Parang in Paramin/Trinidad |82. Eat organic for a year | 83. Spend a year in Trinidad with my family | 84. See a glacier in Antarctica | 85. Wear a G string bikini to Carnival in Trinidad & Brazil. |86.Learn to Samba|87. Take art classes in France for a week |88. Host 100 parties | 89. Learn to Tango in Argentina | 90.  Spend a few days with my Grand-Mummy on Rushworth Street in Trinidad | 91. Sell villas in the Caribbean | 92. Grow my Blog to at least a million page views a month and more | 93.Join a charity and do charity work |94. Host my own show on television | 95. Finish my script | 96. Read the book Heidi again and then go to Switzerland |97.Learn to make roti| 98. Take Karate Boy to Lego Land| 99. Continue to live life to my fullest| 100.  Give of myself more.

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yasmine February 3, 2011 at 8:46 PM

Best Idea EVER. I’m getting started on my own list. Love this post Naima. Thx for inspiration. :)

Gayle Trini February 11, 2011 at 6:58 PM

I did this when I turned forty as well see here
# 87 is awesome idea by the way
and you my friend can so do #25
looking for you
fab list.

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