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It’s Christmas, it’s christmas, it’s finally christmas…

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, it’s finally Christmas…we have waited all year to see Christmas here. So the carol goes, and so have we waited for Christmas to finally be here at our home. The Epicurean Man, Karate Boy and I have been having such wonderful Christmas adventures the last few weeks. Last night on Christmas eve, Karate Boy and I met up with my fabulous mummy friend Tamara and her beautiful daughter Addis to see blinding, Brooklyn holiday lights! Off we went on an excursion to Dyker Heights to see the countless homes,which have morphed into Christmas wonderlands. It was so worth it, I am sure it left a lasting memory for Karate Boy and Addis.

” Mummy, mummy the sun is up !!! It is time to go see what Santa  put under the tree for me, come on daddy let’s go!” I will never tire of watching how excited my little guy gets on Christmas morning, Charlie Brown Christmas album playing, the fire crackling in the fireplace and hence began the attack on the presents. Karate boy was a very good boy this year it seems, since he got every single thing he had on his list to Santa. He and his Dad had such a blast building  his gigantic Boba Fett Star Wars lego ship, setting up his new Nintendo DSi, playing  with his Monster Truck Hot Wheels crash track and so on.

I have been known to break our household appliances, the last one to go kaput was our dishwasher, but then when the dishwasher man came to fix it, apparently it was not broken after all, just  the wrong button I pushed. This time the lighter switch in our Viking  oven is kaput. No Viking guy to fix it till Tuesday. No oven to bake Christmas dinner! With the help of my lovely Mother-in law she gave me a menu that can totally be prepared on my stove-top. The hubby and I were so impressed with how yummy everything came out via just the stove-top. I prepared a spicy ginger short-ribs, marinated balsamic vinegar chicken breasts, a pork shoulder basted with brown sugar,cinnamon, nutmeg concoction, and yeah I forgot topped with pineapple rings.  My side dishes were a Trinidadian potato salad, carrots in a bourbon, glazed syrup, creamed spinach with artichokes…the latter two were prepared by Fresh Direct chefs ( shhh don’t tell the Hubby). Dessert were, a key lime pie and a flour-less chocolate cake…also via fresh Direct. My brother Ben came over for dinner and we all had a wonderful time.  Karate Boy ended the night with this exclamation ” Mummy, daddy I don’t want Christmas to end ever!!!!!” 

How was your very Merry Chistmas? . Hope you enjoy my photo diary of the last two days. xxx

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