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Our Pre-Christmas Eve Adventure….

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids

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We have been having such wonderful Pre-Christmas adventures. Living  in New York City, sometimes it is easy to get caught into the  frenzy whirlwind of gift buying, one day sales, Xmas lists, planning the perfect family gatherings. I have always made it a rule in our family to first enjoy the spirit, worry about Xmas presents last. The past 10 days Karate Boy, The Epicurean Man and I have been having a blast. We have seen for the second time in a row A Charlie Brown Christmas production at The Brooklyn Lyceum, The Nutcracker which Karate Boy loved, went Caroling with our neighborhood community, and today Karate Boy finally got to meet Santa to let him know ” mummy and I will be leaving you chocolate chip cookies and milk Santa, by the fireplace.”  Once back home, I was able to add a few more decorations to the tree. Tonight while Karate Boy is sleeping, I shall place the presents which The Epicurean Man and I only finally purchased yesterday, under the tree for our little guy…from Santa of course. I hope you enjoy the photographs of  us today, as we headed to Macy’s to meet Santa and our little Christmas haven at home.

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