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by Kirstin McKee

in Kids,Photography

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 It’s been a year of photographic discovery for me. Our children have watched me while I’ve figured out how all the buttons work on my camera and then, later on in the year, how to process pictures. They have patiently stood still in sun, rain and yes, even snow while I have taken pictures of them. They  have waited while I have run off to take pictures of views, bokeh, whatever has taken my fancy. They have even helped me choose which version of a picture they like best. Of course there has been a little bribery along the way, but they have shown a real interest in all things photographic. And they have seen how the light can excite me, how I have learnt to take pleasure in the smallest of things, to appreciate how changing your perspective on things can be applied  more generally to life. Thank you lovely Ella and Miles. It’s been a great year. Let’s see what 2011 brings…


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