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Entertaining For The Holidays part 1

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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I absolutely love entertaining ! My favourite memories of my mum as a child, were of the lovely dinner parties she  hosted at our home. My granny ( her mum) also loved have gathering on weekends, the day would be  full of cooking , the night of eating and drinking. All my cousins and I would  hide under the table, trying to listen to all the adult conversations. They were such good times, and now my son, Karate Boy is having such a blast with my hosted dinner parties. Actually he named our regular family dinner nights on weekends a ” dinner party” with mum and dad…too adorable.

Tomorrow night I am hosting holiday cocktails at my home with a few friends. It was very spontaneous, but I am just too excited to sit by the fireplace  and Christmas tree with friends and toast the holidays. The Epicurean Man shall plan out the cocktail menu, the man has become a bonafide mixologist. I have decided to prepare simple but fabulous little bites to accompany all the alcohol.

To start the month of December, I am going to do a few posts about my favourite dinnerware, decorations, food, music, cocktails. This first post is about Dinnerware. Hope you enjoy. Look out for photographs from my cocktail party tomorrow night. xxx

 Arte Italica

Arte Italica has established itself as a leader in elegant, innovative and exclusive design for the home. Each piece is handcrafted in Europe, using techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans. 


Nutcracker Dinnerware Collection

The namesake of one of America’s most beloved Christmas fairy tales, the nutcracker has come to symbolize the pageantry of the holiday season. To create this whimsical dinner plate, we commissioned original artwork from Marc Lacaze, a French artist known for his richly evocative collages.


Hotel Silver-Plated Charger

The classic shape and beveled edges of our handcrafted Hotel Silver-Plated Charger add style to entertaining.


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