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Happy Thanksgiving & black friday shopping pointers.

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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I wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving. This year I am sort of on a strike, it maybe all the hostessing I do at my home, as well as hosting the last few dinners for Thanksgiving, but I am way too tired to even toast a slice of bread much less cook any elaborate dish. The Epicurean Man has informed me he will cook the dinner this year, I responded ” well does that include cleaning everything up after?” …there was silence. He normally cooks the turkey and I do the labor intensive task of cooking all the numerous side dishes. The person who cooks the beautiful turkey gets all the glory, well this year I am done… My lovely sister-in law has invited us over for the holiday tomorrow and my brother Ben-Buck will be with us wherever we end up. It will be a wonderful time no matter what, meanwhile I am way too excited for Christmas to be bothered. Below I have added a post from last Thanksgiving 2009, so you get an idea of how I normally get down for the Holiday.

So Thanksgiving turned out to be wild fun after all. The hubby and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for our respective siblings, their significant other’s and a few friends of ours.

Always trying to be the perfect hostess I started the day in the wee hours of the morning cooking. My “job” was to cook all the side dishes (like 5 of them) while my hubby cooked the turkey.Hubby cooked a turkey which meant at the end of the night he took all the credit for the entire Thanksgiving meal. Of course the hard labor and hours I spent cooking 5 side dishes, cleaning the kitchen,setting the table was slightly over-looked.

I will say though the time spent in the kitchen cooking turned into a dance off between my hubby and son Jaden. I could not stop laughing my head off. Loads of red wine was bought, Janell made the most scrumptious red velvet cake. Dinner was delicious indeed and as always once my brother Ben Buck, hubby’s 2 sister’s Melanie and Andrea, cousin Daniel get together well the party begins.

Daniel,Jaden and Phoneix put on another dance show for us to their favourite song Boom Boom by the Black Eyed Peas. These boys were quite impressive. And you can see us Mum’s were silently being competitive to see which boy danced the best.

Christmas is more my thing(my xmas tree was up the day after Halloween) but after so many years living in the States and now having a family of my own, Thanksgiving is truly a fun holiday and a day to give Thanks for all one’s blessing.”

I have never taken part in Black  Friday and all it’s insane deals and shopping madness. To all my supportive readers, take it easy and be prepared. Here are a few pointer’s I am sure you may already know, but wanted to share them also.
1.plan before you get there on Friday
2.make a list, see how much you want to spend and for who.
3.check return policy at every store.
4.wait to go online on cyber Monday if all else fails to make it on Black Friday
Two of my favourite sites for all the best deals are:



Happy Thanksgiving To All Of You.



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