A Perfect Friday Evening in the City

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids

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The days seem shorter now that it gets dark by 5 pm, I am always stressed by this since it means not being able to do a lot of  activities in the park or playground after school with Karate Boy. I try to get super creative after I pick up my little man after school at 3 pm and seek out fun packed activities, short but sweet mini adventures. Yesterday we planned an after-school play date in Central Park with my dear friend  Nicole, who was in town for the weekend with her daughters Kayla and Samantha. It was such a beautiful evening, the City was alive with music, people bustling to their destinations and Central Park was just gorgeous with all it’s bountiful foliage, bright oranges, yellow and greens. Karate Boy, Kayla and Samantha played to their hearts content at the playground, Nicole who turns Forty & Fabulous today, even tried to recapture some of her youth and hit the slides… she was a pro, “you are still a kid at heart Nic“.

At 5 pm it started to get dark , even then the kids enjoyed walking through the park and watching all the bright lights of the City, so did we. A wonderful evening spent with dear friends, we said our good-bye and then proceeded to head downtown to meet up with The Epicurean Man for dinner. We decided to take our little man to a restaurant that had lots of energy and good food. Wildwood BBQ in the Flatiron  neighborhood was the perfect choice, the barbecued baby back ribs were delicious, Karate Boy enjoyed his buttermilk fried chicken and fries. My hubby even got me to try fried pickles, a first for me.. it was yummy indeed and a great end to our perfect Friday evening in the City. I hope you enjoy my photo diary, I do not use flash and this creates lovely moody pictures when shot in low light…. which represents New York City to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE !!!!!

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Yas November 18, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Love the latest articles! You are officially one of the most productive people I know!!
I keep thinking me and my family run around a lot, but yours? It’s insane. ha! ;)

Naima Sanowar November 18, 2010 at 2:35 PM

Thanks Yasmine, gosh we are quite a busy family. I hope I never lose my energy, but I do have very tired days as well.


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