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Story-time playdate & marathon madness

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids,Lifestyle

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Karate Boy and I had such a wonderful weekend catching up with friends. On Saturday we invited a wonderful mummy friend of mine Tamara and her beautiful daughter Addis to go with us to http://www.greenlightbookstore.com  for a special story-time event.

“French illustrator Claire Frossard visited her uncle, Brooklyn photographer Etienne Frossard, in 1998. Their visit became the seeds of a delightful children’s book, Emma’s Journey, about a little sparrow named Emma who leaves her home in Central Park to visit her uncle in Brooklyn and eventually makes a journey to Paris. Combining Etienne’s photographs of the city with Claire’s magical illustrations of Emma’s life. This fifty-six page book includes over twenty-five color photographic spreads of New York City overlaid with Claire Frossard’s playful illustrations of Emma’s life. The book is an innovative and poetic portrait of New York that children and adults will love.”

Karate Boy and Addis really enjoyed the story told by Claire herself. They were able to relate to Emma’s journey from Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge , avid New Yorker’s themselves and having ventured to both places previously. I was in awe of Etienne Frossard’s  photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge, simply beautiful. I was able to chat with Claire and her Uncle for a little bit, Claire explained one of her inspirations for Emma’s Journey was the actual migration of birds from Europe  and North America. Tonight I read Jaden’s autographed edition of Emma’s Journey to him  at bed-time, we both giggled throughout the book and looked at the illustrations in detail. A must read for children and adults , perfect for the holidays.

For the last three years, Karate Boy and I have been walking down the block from our home to cheer on the runners of the New York City Marathon http://www.nycmarathon.org/. It is always an exhilirating experience for us, our spot to see the runners is always in front of this beautiful church, with the talented and awe inspiring choir singing on top of their voices on the steps of the church, giving all the runners as they go by a jolt of joy and praise.  Lorna and her two daughters, Shaun and Jamie also met with us to cheer on the runners, another fabulous marathon adventure for Karate Boy and I.

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