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Getting my sexy back with Zumba & Zico Coconut Water

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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I have decided to get back into shape and take control of my health.  This past summer I had put on the dreaded ” summer weight”, and now it needs to be taken off…immediately. I go to the gym weekly but it does get boring for me and I find myself not feeling quite motivated. Then I heard about Zumba and  it’s  cult following all over the world. Zumba is a fitness class but really it is more like a dance party.

 Zumba is Tested & Proven To :

 1. Burn at a rate as high as 1000 calories per hour

 2. Target your lower body, abs, core and upper body

 3. Lose a dress or pant size in your first 10 days

 Read all about the Zumba craze in the Self Magazine article . http://www.self.com/health/blogs/healthyself/2010/08/latin-dance-style-aerobicsfrid.html

Our first Zumba Class, this past Tuesday at Move With Grace Studio,  http://www.movewithgracestudio.com/ with amazing certified Zumba teacher Dominica  was insane fun. The mums came out and we were anxious not knowing what to expect, but soon felt comfortable enough  with the routine. Dominca kept the class high energy but at a pace for us to all follow. During the one hour class we did three genres of dance, Latin, African, Bolly-wood. We all agreed it did feel like a dance party, after class we all re-hydrated our bodies with my favourite and another thing I am addicted to Zico coconut water, http://zico.com/ . I must admit the following days I was in such pain, good pain though from muscles that have not been used in while. I am addicted to Zumba.

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Janine Natalie Paul-Hills October 21, 2010 at 9:32 PM

I have yet to try it, I have to find a class in my area that’s convenient with my schedule. My focus when I go to the gym every week is muscle building and toning. I DON’T want to loose weight because then it defeats my workout goal.

So I’m worried that Zumba my make me loose. But I will have to try it. ;-)

Naima Sanowar October 21, 2010 at 9:47 PM

Hi Janine,

Zumba is fantastic, you will get toned up also and build your endurance. Check it out Janine, let me know what you think. I loved the ” dance party” theme of Zumba.


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