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The yummy mummy brunch is back

by Naima Sanowar

in Food & Drinks,Lifestyle

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The Art Of The Get Together:

  A plate of bruschetta

An array of delicious anti-pasta, salami, olives, cheeses, prosciutto

Delicious desserts : strawberry cream puffs, brownies , sorbert, banana and pineapple bread

1 round of Pimms cocktails

A group of the coolest, funniest and fabulous mummy friends

Many rounds of great conversations and loads of laughter

 How excited I was to get some of my fabulous  mummy friends old and new together for the first yummy mummy brunch since school started back for the fall season. This time we started a bit later than our usual 10 am till 12 pm time, we met at 12 pm and finished at 2 pm. This seem to work better for every-one’s schedule and I did not feel as rushed as I did in the past. For all the new-comers to my blog, I host a yummy mummy brunch at least twice a month at my home, always during the week and when the kiddies are safe in school. The  mums and I make or buy delicious food and I always make a brunch cocktail. The sole purpose for the brunch has always been to make new friends, network among each-other, and also to create a time where we never have to worry about baby-sitting, child-care for our little ones and just have some grown up fun. 

Today the mum’s that attended the brunch were Michelle, Lorna, Ginee, Amanda, Anna, Laura, Marcie, Amanda,Lucie and Moi. It was such a wonderful time, the ladies brought the most delicious food items, we all helped prepare the table and without skipping a beat, reconnected after not seeing each-other for a long while. The new mums to the mix, fell right in place and it was a joy as always to connect these amazing women with each-other. The Pimms was a hit , as were the decadent desserts Lorna, Anna, Marcie and Laura made . We had such stimulating conversations and there were loads of laughter. I cannot wait to plan the next one in a few weeks, and I urge you all to try it yourselves, it is quite easy actually. Everyone brings a dish, less  stress on the hostess…. picking  a day when the kids are in school is a plus. I am able to work from home but for those who work outside the home, doing one after work can easily be planned, just hire a babysitter and split the cost with all the other mums invited. Make a room a play-space and have all the kids play there safe and sound with the baby-sitter while you ladies have a blast socializing. Let me know how it goes…. hope you enjoy my photo diary of how to make my bruschetta, Pimms and the yummy mummy brunch. 


chopped tomatoes

chopped oregano and basil

crushed onions and garlic



Michelle helps spoon the bruschetta

yummy bruschetta

Pimms ... woo hoo

to mix with Pimms

slice and add fruit to Pimms

voila delicious Pimms

yummy mummy's Laura, Anna & Ginee

lovely Lucie and all the mums helped prepare the food they brought

my dear friend Michelle ( you are the best) helping with desserts the mums brought.

all the yummy food the mums brought today

strawberry-cream puffs, brownies, banana & pineapple bread...yummy

another fantastic yummy mummy brunch with a bunch of fabulous mums

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