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by Naima Sanowar

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I was most excited last week to receive an invitation to attend an intimate soiree at the Kiki de Montparnasse salon in Soho. The Art Of The Erotic Cocktail, a night to discover how to create sumptuous cocktails for your beloved ones with mixologist of Auchentoshan. This was an evening for couples to explore the art of seduction with a private romance salon hosted by  renowned Kiki Specialists, with live music and endless champagne and aphrodisiacs in their seductive boudoir.

“Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Established with the conviction that sensual pleasure and fulfillment are paramount to a well-lived life, our collections define a new category, which empowers exploration of fantasy and communication of desire. We believe intimacy should be honored, and that discriminating consumers should be able to explore and express their passion with grace, sophistication and abandon.”

The Epicurean Man a bit hesitant at first, he was not quite sure how he would feel being among strangers, discussing sex and intimacy . I  had the privilege to have attended another event months ago at the salon, it was a lap dance class, along with a discussion on intimate toys and massage candle oils. The Epicurean Man , was reluctant  at the thought of being around intimate toys aka vibrators, dildos etc. I told my loving and supportive husband that this is Kiki de Montparnasse, there will be luxurious, stylish sex toys, music, books, sexy lingerie  and this was something adventurous for us to do as a couple…. he conceded.

Hand in hand we entered to beautiful ladies serving us champagne and I took The Epicurean Man on a tour of the salon, which  was filled with couples like us exploring. I have never been a woman who was interested in sex toys, I am a visualist and well vibrators actually turned me off, I was not into the ” pocket rocket” phenomenon like the ladies in the movie Sex and The City. I will say at Kiki, there were all these very sexy covert looking vibrators, that did not look like one, it actually looked like beautiful jewelry, or pieces of art. Candles that turned into massage oil once it hits the body intrigued us. Let’s just say we made a few purchases.

The men and women were separated, with the ladies having a discussion led by the Kiki specialists about intimacy in a relationship. The majority of women were married or in long relationships, so we all wanted to learn new ways to keep the romance alive. While we were discussing intimacy and romance, our guys were upstairs in another salon learning how to make cocktails taught by mixologist from Auchentoshan. This was to be reversed with the men and ladies.


Our Kiki specialists discussed with us and later with our men separately, that routine kills romance. We all fall into that pattern, as wives and husbands. I read recently in an article in the New York Magazine that today’s married couple with kids spend an average of 9 hours alone time  for the entire week. The majority of those couples are so tired, they end up spending that time either watching television or reading a book, or on the Internet. I remembered telling a dear friend before The Epicurean Man and I had the Karate Boy, ” I would never fall into a routine, or neglect our romantic side, more importantly end up having sex only once a month” This  was what my dear friend told me after 2 kids they were doing, sex once a month. NOT ME, I exclaimed, you must make it both of your duty to find the energy and time. Years later and a Karate Boy in the mix I saw what she was talking about. Though we were not that neglectful as once a month sexy romps or not making time for romance, hectic life as parents did kick in and we were not the couple having the sexy 4 nights a week anymore.

It took some time for us to realize how easy it could be to take ” us” as a couple independent of being Karate Boys parents for granted. At that point , it was very important for me to read books on intimacy, I love the old school book The Joy Of Sex,  and searched out ways to re-connect as a couple. Wanting to feel loved and celebrate that love is an everyday job. The little gestures to let each-other know how appreciated we are to one another. To not fall into the trap of routine, the two of us have to think of ways to challenge and catch each other off guard. This can be verbal or non verbal. The Epicurean Man appreciates a good massage, not so much in a romantic sort of way, but because he has an old football injury from college. My last visit at Kiki I bought a candle that once lit and melts, the  oil does not turn to wax on contact with the body but to a warm, lovely smelling massage oil. Once in while, I surprise him with a massage, not  for the purpose of sex, but if it leads to that, I shall not turn it away.. I do it it because it is something that truly makes him feel better.. only now we have found a sensual, romantic way to have this special time. My hubby loves a good martini, one evening I knew he was a few blocks away from home,  so I whipped up a dirty martini and met him at the door with it. Okay,  I DO NOT DO THIS ALOT, I am way too busy for all that romantic planning, but even if it is once a month, it is un-expected romance, on a boring Tuesday night.

Romance is setting the mood, taking what is in your spirit that makes you comfortable to go forth and explore with your significant other“. After our intimacy discussion with the ladies, we were taken upstairs, while our men came downstairs. The Art Of Erotic cocktail making was in effect. I am by no means a scotch/whiskey drinker, it is such a manly drink, but tonight I was converted. The mixologist of  Auchentoshan were two wonderful  guys that showed us how to sip on scotch. We ladies tasted a classic, 12 year and 18 year old scotch whiskey, along with yummy chocolates… who knew Scotch and chocolates go very well together. Later we reunited with our significant other’s to share our erotic cocktail making adventure.

In a taxi on our way home, I asked The Epicurean Man how did  he enjoy this fun, sexy and different experience, he said ” Naims I actually really enjoyed it, thanks for taking me”. Back home, tired from a long day I retired to my laptop and headed to my office, my hubby tried to ” bond with me”, I really needed to get some work finished. After one hour I noticed he turned off all the lights and headed to bed. I got off my laptop, lit my massage candle, turned on the slow jams and surprised my wonderful, hard-working hubby with a massage…. just a massage, then kissed him good-night and headed back to my office to finish some work.  Thanks Kiki for reminding us , that we must make the time to  keep the intimacy alive.

79 Greene St
(between Broome St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: SoHo

(212) 965-8070

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James Campbell September 30, 2010 at 8:48 PM

Te pictures are just amazing! I tell you Naima, you are waisting you talents as a photog.
You really need to explore it professionally!

Naima Sanowar September 30, 2010 at 9:02 PM

Awww James, thanks so much. I am truly no where near professional though. I need to at least do a lot more lessons first.. but thanks for the confidence boost.


Cindy October 2, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Sexy, sensual, and sophisticated!!! You always find the most fun things to do in the city for the kids and for couples…love this blog! So true, routine does kill romance. Looking fwd to my next trip to the city to go check this place out.

Naima Sanowar October 2, 2010 at 11:15 AM


Thanks for all the support and wonderful words for the Blog. I am only to happy to share my adventures with all you amazing women and men out there. You would love Kiki de Montparnasse Cindy, let me know what you think when you finally do go.


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