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September: Bills Basics by Bill Granger.Week 3.

by Anna St-Amour

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We have been cracking through the recipes this week!  We are finding Bills Basics such a doable book, that it’s hard not to cook something from it every night.  Which wouldn’t entirely be a bad thing, but we have to give ourselves, and our other halves, a bit of a blogging break once and a while.

So most of the recipes this week have been ‘everyday’ meals.  Anything that’s quick, easy, good for you, and yummy of course.  My husband has had a long, on-going, love affair with noodles.  Luckily Bill has written a whole chapter on the subject!  So he’s been indulged with “Pad see ew”, his absolute favourite noodle dish (and mine too), “Chicken noodle soup” Bill-style, and Bill’s “Spaghetti carbonara”.

We’ve snuck in a few very healthy dishes too.  My mission to convert Peter to the joys of tofu seems to finally be working.  Sort of.  Thanks to Bill’s recipe for “Stir-fried tofu with chilli and basil”.  And Kirstin and I worked an LA vibe when we made “Crisp-skinned salmon sald with green goddess dressing”.

Salmon with green goddess dressing

We couldn’t let the week go by without a couple of sweet treats.  Bill is famous for his breakfasts and “Baked porridge” was delicious, filling my house with the smell baking cinnamon rolls!  We also baked “Chocolate mousse cake” and “Carrot cake”.  One was a success, one a complete disaster!  Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Chocolate mousse cake

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wendy August 25, 2011 at 11:57 PM

Have you tried the lemon tart in bills basics? I’ve done it several times & am sure there is an error. Its far too oily making me think the qty of butter or cream is incorrect & it won’t set. I’d love to know an experts thoughts..

Kirstin August 29, 2011 at 4:45 AM

Oh yes, I made the tart too. It was very liquid, almost like a semi-baked custard. But everyone loved it!

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