Clinton Park Cafe – there are Diner’s and then there are DINER’s!!!!!!!!!!!

by Naima Sanowar

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The folks in my neighborhood, including myself had been anxiously awaiting the opening of the newest cafe/diner in Clinton Hill …. Clinton Park Cafe. Under wraps the store front literally for months, once in a while you were able to get a peek through the brown paper covering the windows and see a very chic, modern interior. This past Saturday my dear friend Ramona was passing through  New York City from Washington D.C  for a lunch meeting with a client.  It had been over a year since I last saw Ramona and could not wait to see her if only for a couple of hours to catch up on our lives. I mentioned to her a new cafe had just opened and I wanted to eat there as well as do a review for my readers. That was the plan and at 8 am, in a taxi en route from the airport, Ramona  met me at Clinton Park Cafe for breakfast. Located across the street from Pratt University and next to Pratt’s sculpture garden..

The owners   Steve, Antigone and Roland are so lovely and welcoming.  While I was waiting on Ramona to arrive, Roland gave me a little lesson on diner’s and he told me about the Greek diner culture  in Astoria, Queens and how that played a part in his concept, and while Clinton Park Cafe is not a traditional Greek diner, you are able to spot the Greek influences, from the Gyros, Souvlaki to Challah French Toast.

As a mum the first thing I noticed was the spacious open layout, so perfect for when I bring Karate Boy for pancakes or better yet with a few of his friends for a  hot chocolate play-date on cooler days. The decor is modern but not cold, earthy colours give it a very comfy cozy feel . Ramona and I settled into our seats and we were quite pleased with the quick service by our friendly waitress Angela.

My lovely friend Ramona Boudreau

Clinton Park cafe

Clinton Park Cafe

Clinton Park Cafe

Clinton Park Cafe friendly waitstaff

Coffee is much needed for me to even think straight in the morning. Clinton Park Cafe’s coffee is not your regular diner coffee, it is strong but not over-powering, rich and robust. Divine and I love it. Gosh look at me drooling over coffee, it was that good. I decided to order my two favourite breakfast items, a western omelette and a side order of corned beef hash. Ramona ordered an array of fresh croissants and muffins ( imported in courtesy of Choice Bakery). My breakfast was delicious, it was tasty not too heavy. I cannot wait to try next time with Karate Boy the French toast ( challah or old fashioned). The lunch menu looks amazing, cobb salads, burgers (made with top quality sirloin beef), panini sandwiches and even sweet potato fries…yum. The Epicurean Man upon reading the menu I brought home told me he cannot wait to try the Gyro and Souvlaki sandwiches.  I am officially in love with Clinton Park Cafe.

Yummy Western Omelette

A favourite of mine- Corned beef hash

Fresh croissants from Choice Market

Fresh baked muffins from Choice Market

Clinton Park Cafe

274 Hall Street, Brooklyn

NY, 11205.


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