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I finally have my morning’s back, it feels DAMN good.

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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Today September 22nd is the first full day of  kinder-garten  for Karate Boy, 8.30 am to 3 pm. It feels  so bloody good to have my morning back. No I don’t feel guilty for admitting this. I had the most amazing summer adventures with Karate Boy, for all of you who have graciously followed my stories , you are my witness that I truly love hanging with my little guy. I do have a wonderful nanny Nicole, I call her my ” stunt double”  she starts work at 12 pm, but really does not take over helping me watch Karate Boy till 2 pm, since I am always out and about on some activity with him from early in the day during the summer, we never make it back till 2 pm. Then my stunt double took over and I was off to work.

During the summer our morning started with Karate Boy screaming ” Mummy what are we doing today, what adventure are we going on? “, yes I have trained the child to view everything as an adventure. This is a good thing at times but a determent as well, since I feel the pressure to have to plan things, always outside the home. Summer is over, school has begun, more importantly  full days at kinder-garten for Karate Boy. Oh my what a wonderful day so far. I dropped my little guy off to school, bought the news-paper, took myself to the diner for coffee, came home, watched The View ( my gosh man it has been ages since I watched a T.V show in the morning) and now I am working on my Blog, making appointments with my real estate clients.  I feel so relaxed and well so happy. I forgot how great it is to have mornings to myself. I do miss my little guy, but I shall see him at 3 pm and we will have some adventure or the other after I pick him up. I know we will be so happy to see each other that I am guessing he is enjoying as well this break from me and just hanging with his friends, learning about storms, sheep and such . Now off I go to take advantage of watching ” The Young & Restless” for the first time in ages.

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