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September: Bills Basics by Bill Granger.Week 2.

by Anna St-Amour

in Food & Drinks,Photography

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This week’s theme could be summed up as Reminiscence and Retro.

My husband has a terrible sweet tooth, nurtured from childhood by his mother who is an expert baker and pudding-maker.  So I like to make him something every week that he can take to work and nibble on.  I decided to bake “Chocolate chip and pecan cookies”, controversially breaking away from my usual Toll House recipe - the same recipe I’ve been using since I started baking cookies with my mother more than 30 years ago.

Bill's coq au vin

Kirstin channelled the 1980s, serving “Bill’s coq au vin” and a “Baked lemon cheesecake” to her dinner party guests.  Typically, the coq au vin had a Bill twist, being more of a deconstructed version than the usual stew that is cooked for hours.  Perhaps more controversially this recipe call for white wine rather than the traditional red.  The baked cheesecake proved to be a success despite a few hiccups during cooking!

“Chinese-style marinated pork” and a pastry-less “Lemon tart” provided the menu for another successful meal.  Asian-light, without compromising on taste, is what Bill does best.  This was also reflected in the “Chicken curry with lemon grass and ginger” we made for a quick and easy mid-week meal.  Two weeks in, and we can’t get through the recipes quick enough!  Hope you enjoy them too.

Baked lemon cheesecake

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