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A week full of play-date adventures with family & friends

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids

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This last week Karate Boy and I had such wonderful fun on play-dates with many friends and family. It seemed like almost every day we had a play-date.  We met up with a mummy friend of mine Cindy and her son Michael for a Lego store and high-line park play-date in the City.

Karate Boy & Michael on a lego playdate

A lego store/meat-packing playdate with Cindy and Michael

The High-line Park

Karate Boy & Michael on the High-line park in the Meat-packing District

Erica invited us over for a play-date with her sons Liam and Adam. She made the most lovely tea service for us and the boys played endless.

Karate Boy and his good friend Liam on playdate

Erica, Liam's mum made us such a lovely tea service for our playdate

This week was extremely Hot so of course Karate Boy and I were off to Alpine, New Jersey to my dear mummy friend Anna’s mother’s home for a fabulous pool play-date with Edward.

Karate Boy and Edward on a pool playdate

My fellow Adventurista Anna, in Alpine N.J on our pool playdate

We had the most fun with friends in Prospect Park, celebrating Ariana’s 5th birthday. The kids learnt how to make butter from scratch and they rode on the carousel.

Karate Boy and his ex wife Arianna, they remain good friends

Happy Birthday Arianna

Karate Boy in Prospect Park learning to make butter with his friends

The kids add thyme to the butter

Adorable Dana and her mummy Michelle

Karate Boy in Prospect Park

Karate Boy’s cousin Daniel and his mum Andrea  are moving back to Arizona, so we had a few special moments saying good-bye to them.

My lovely sister in laws : Melanie & Andrea

The Epicurean Man and his sister's Melanie, Andrea, nephew Daniel and Karate Boy

Karate Boy got to have one more final play-ground , play-date with his cousin Daniel. We shall miss them dearly.

Karate Boy and Daniel fun-time in the playground

Today Karate Boy and I had the best time with Amanda an her girls Charolette and Sadie at Barnes & Nobles. It was a fantastic book play-date. After we headed to the cocoa bar for hot chocolate

Book play-date

Sadie and her mummy Amanda

We love Charolette's smiles

They play so well together

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Kirstin McKee September 4, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Love these pics (did I spot a fence in there?!?). Great post!

naima sanowar September 4, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Hi Cuz,

Thanks, no not a fence, it is a rail-road track on the High-line. I actually got down on my knees to take the photo lol

Yas September 8, 2010 at 1:22 AM

Pfew!! what a Marathon week Karate Boy had! And here I was thinking arranging one play date a day was over the top! You guys packed an average of 3 a day!!;)

Naima Sanowar September 8, 2010 at 8:45 AM


Karate boy had a whirlwind of playdates last week. What is new with this boy. He seeks adventures every day. After all he is my kid lol.

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