An Impromptu Saturday Date in Soho

by Naima Sanowar

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Before Karate Boy was born, The Epicurean Man and I would spend many weekends walking the streets of Soho, meandering  into one furniture store after another. Picking out the pieces we were going to furnish our newly renovated brownstone. This was what we considered heightened fun for us. We enjoyed doing this together and we would always end up at the end of the day having some fabulous late lunch at  a bistro. Since becoming a mum those Saturdays in Soho lessened as the years rolled by.

This past Saturday, The Epicurean Man spontaneously asked me if I wanted to head to Soho. We have been thinking about how we were going to add new art work to Karate Boy’s bedroom to make it a little more like a ” big boy room”. Soho Bound on a beautiful sunny Saturday and it was splendid. It brought back such lovely memories and even though we were on a street art crawl, for old time’s sake we went into a furniture store  called ( a fabulous furniture store that we bought our dining room table and chairs from).

We passed by many talented  street artists and saw a few pieces we are taking into consideration for our little man’s bedroom. I just admire so many of these amazing street artists, a few are beyond brilliant  and it makes you appreciate art even more.  We also popped into an art gallery, that  sells beautiful framed photographs. Another absolute favorite gallery of ours in Soho is the A must to visit if you love fine art music photography.  We also took a look inside, quirky Japanese animated toys, some scary but some pretty cool and age appropriate for kids.

The day was turning into a romantic , impromptu date for The Epicurean Man and I, he suggested we go have a late lunch. This time he took me to a new restaurant called for lunch. Pulino’s has instantly become one of my favorite places now for brunch, lunch, dinner. It was extremely kid friendly ( I was wishing Karate Boy was with us, a must for him next time we go), and sexy all at the same time. I just love that combination- kid friendly/sexy spot to have a meal. New York City has many of these places you see.

I cannot recall ever  having a meal I  termed  ” orgasmic” . It started and almost ended with the Baked Ricotta and Bruschetta, the best ten dollars you will ever spend. Made with roasted tomatoes, oregano, fennel and fried garlic, just orgasmic to me. I was making so much humming noises, The Epicurean Man finally said ” Naims, I get it already, you are loving this dish”. Even when the delicious thin crusted  pizza topped with sausages, roasted red peppers and basil came along, I still kept going back for more of my creamy, dreamy baked ricotta. Since Pulino’s is a bar and pizzeria, of course cocktails were also in order for us. I had a fantastic ruby red grapefruit campari ( an Italian tradition for lazy week-ends). The Epicurean Man had a dark ale beer. Did I mention this pace is very kid friendly and sexy?

As we headed back to the car with full tummy’s and smiling faces, we had to stop at one of my favorite places for gelato. a cacao bar and tea salon. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful impromptu date in Soho.



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Yas August 26, 2010 at 5:53 AM

Fun! You guys never stop! Pulino’s great suggestion, thanks! Oh and did you end up getting a nice piece of art for Karate boy?

Naima Sanowar August 26, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Thanks Yasmine,

We are greatly considering the super heroes portrait. It is all about the size at this point.


Seville Michelle Anastos August 26, 2010 at 6:33 PM

I love!

Naima Sanowar August 26, 2010 at 11:18 PM

Thanks for the support Seville.


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