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Tobago part II – Our Reef Adventure

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids,Travel

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I have fond memories of family trips to the island of Tobago as a child. Only 20 minutes by plane from Trinidad, it was a kids paradise indeed. A time to roam and seek out adventures in an environment that cultivates freedom, innocence and appreciation of the natural wonders of the Earth. How excited I was to be able to share this amazing island with my son The Karate Boy. I was equally excited to take The Epicurean Man to a place that would allow him the ability to slow down and enjoy nature at it’s best . Tobago does all of these things for a person.

I wrote previously about our adventures at The Villas Of Stonehaven. Breath-taking , elegant and perfect for the ultimate pampering and relaxation. We took the most advantage of doing just this. I am The Adventurista after all , it took very little time before I was up and ready to take my two guys on a spectacular reef adventure in Tobago. Charmaine at Stonehaven made all the arrangements  for a glass bottom boat trip to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool.

Tobago has  rich and colourful shallow water reefs  that surround it, making it easy for you to explore the island’s spectacular aquatic communities.

“The waters around Tobago support approximately 300 different species of coral, including staghorn, elkhorn, fire coral, giant tube sponges and starlet coral. There is also a broad range of reefs, rock pillars, wrecks and extravagant undersea gardens filled with giant sea fans, whips and plumes. Remarkable sites exist off Speyside, Little Tobago and Goat Island on the northeastern side of Tobago where you can drift dive along reefs with sponges the size of bathtubs and bushes of black coral. On the southeast coast are the exceptionally clear Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef National Park.”

Frankie from Frankie’s tours picked us  up at our villa and  drove us to Store Bay where the glass bottom boat embarks from. First stop … Buccoo Reef , this  is a protected marine park between Pigeon Point and Buccoo Point. Daily tours by glass-bottomed boats allow even non-swimmers to view the reef. This was so perfect for kids and well a non- swimmer like myself. Karate Boy was so excited and as we approached the Buccoo Reef, we got to see all the beautiful coral and fish through the glass bottom. All the kids on the boat were in awe, we heard constant screams ” there is an eel”, there is a huge fish” .  The Epicurean Man was able to get a bit of snorkeling in.

After snorkeling and spotting many different marine life at Bucco Reef, off we went to the Nylon Pool , which is a warm shallow area in the middle of the reef lagoon and is ideal for swimming.  It is hard to describe the beauty and amazement of the Nylon Pool. One must see it to believe it. The water is strikingly clear in the Nylon Pool, hence the name ” pool”.  The water reached The Epicurean Man’s and my waist, so it was perfect for Karate Boy to wade around in. This took some persuading though. Karate Boy was besides himself with fear at the thought of going to play in the middle of the ocean, Sharks and all.  It did not help that we just subjugated him to an entire 5 days of Shark Week back in the States. a promise of a Star Wars lego set, and he was ready to conquer his ” shark fears”

The following day after our reef adventures, we headed to Pigeon Point Beach for some fun in the sun and Tobago delicacies.  Karate Boy had such a fabulous time swimming with his dad, and learning to body surf the waves. He also bought two shark tooth necklaces, one for himself and one for his cousin Daniel of course.

Tobago has many different adventures to get caught up in, the reefs, the rain-forest, exploring the small towns. Unfortunately,  we were only there for  4 days so we spent most of our time exploring the reefs and beaches. We cannot wait to head up North of Tobago to explore the  rain-forest, and waterfalls on our next visit.

We miss you sweet Tobago,


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Natacha August 20, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Tobago magic! I happened to see a bit of an old Rita Hayworth movie a few days ago and the location caught my eye…absolutely stunning. Discovered that the movie ‘Fire Down Below’ (1957) was shot entirely in Tobago! The Walt Disney movie ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ was also filmed in Tobago and the location upstages every other filmic element! Your photos and Tobago adventure really highlight what makes Tobago..as Musty says “Mother nature in her glory”. Thank you for allowing us to share this experience with you.

Anna August 20, 2010 at 7:18 PM

I have to go to this incredible place. I have to bring the family there. I used to think that there was no place more magical than Tulum, but now I don’t know.


Naima Sanowar August 20, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Natacha, I knew about The Swiss Family Robinson but ” Fire Down Below” wow that is fabulous. We cannot wait to do the rainforest and the northern part of Tobago. Exploring the reefs has been such a wonderful adventure for us. Tobago is truly ” Mother nature in her glory”


Naima Sanowar August 20, 2010 at 9:15 PM

Dear Anna,

I can see you and the family loving Tobago. My dear, where exactly is Tulum? Shall I google it? No I will wait to hear all about it form you.


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