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Yummy food adventures with family & friends

by Naima Sanowar

in Food & Drinks

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One of my absolute favorite pastimes to do with The Epicurean Man, Karate Boy and my fabulous mummy friends is to gallivant  throughout New York City on food adventures. This weekend, I had such a wonderful time doing just that . Friday I met up with some mummy friends Lorna and Avion for happy hour at www.mojitocubancuisine.com .

We mum’s relish these minute but special moments to just kick back with a cocktail and chat it up. Lorna was heading off on Saturday with her two girls and hubby to a 5 week holiday in London and Greece. She was faced with a choice of having her nails done at the salon or meeting up with me for a cocktail. As you can see in the photo, a Mojito won out. I adore these guiltless moments with my mums. Yummy food, we had a platter of empanadas, stuffed ripe plantains, fried yucca. Amazing mojitos, regular as well as coconut/strawberry mojitos and wonderful conversation on our further summer adventures.
On Saturday, Karate Boy and I had a lovely brunch at another one of our favorite haunts in our neighborhood, www.chezlolabrooklyn.com  Chez Lola, your bistro without borders, is a bistro off the beaten path. A delicious blend of French cuisine with nods to the Mediterranean and Mexico. One of my favorite brunch items on the menu ( I am practically obsessed with this dish) is the tasty scallion- studded salmon burger on a home-made bun, served with spicy tomato-chipolte sauce. I die for the skinny onion rings that accompany this. My brunch cohort Karate Boy is equally in love with this dish. After brunch we decided to head over to Park Slope for some ice-cream but instead walked into the filming of a Food Network show called ” Cup-cake Wars”, only in New York City. I signed a waiver and off Karate Boy went to claim his chocolate and red velvet cup-cakes.. The red-velvet was for me :-).
Later in the afternoon , the heat-wave still in effect , The Epicurean Man suggested a nice cold beer. Cold beer? Well I don’t do beers kind sir. Then again this is The Epicurean Man, so of course he came up with a splendid plan to introduce me to beer in a chic way. The adventure continued to Der Schwarze Kölner, @ http://ex49.com/dsk/ . Fort Greene’s first beer garden- has a whopping eighteen German micro brews on tap, and another forty in bottles. The brews are arranged by type (pilsner, lager, etc). A bit intimidating at first but with the help of our lovely waitress, we were able to pick out the perfect choice for a non- beer drinker like myself. I had a Dilsner beer called a Wurzburger Hofbrau and The Epicurean Man had Dark Lammsbrau Dunkel. We sat at the airy communal wooden tables and drank our beers accompanied by a Currywurst – a regular bratwurst with curry ketchup and roll. I really enjoyed this lazy afternoon with The Epicurean Man at the Bier garden, it was kind of sexy, different and something out of the ordinary for us to do together. Today Sunday , once I finished publishing this post we plan on heading to the Meat-packing District to lounge by the pool with Karate Boy on this still extremely HOT Sunday. Stay tuned for our further food adventures.. X
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Gayle July 18, 2010 at 4:44 PM

An ice cold German beer now that sounds GREAT for this rainy day in JA

Gayle July 18, 2010 at 4:45 PM

oh giggle I meant to comment on the cupcake war part… WOW lucky boy. I have been enjoying the cupcake wars on Food network… I do love a cupcake

Yas July 18, 2010 at 6:25 PM

This piece embodies the guiltless mom spirit like ri-di-cu-lous! hanging out with a friend around mojitos, enjoying cupcake with kiddo and chilling with a beer in social settings with hubby, then being able to wrap an article abt it all in the same day?! Are you kidding me? gotta love it! Naima=guiltless living.

Naima Sanowar July 18, 2010 at 7:02 PM

Hi Gayle,

yes a cold German beer on a rainy day in Jamaica sounds divine actually. Do you get German beers in JA? It was fun running into a Food Network series shoot. And wow they had endless, beyond beautiful cupcakes. I really could not take too many photos of the cupcakes, the producer did grant me the two photos I did take.. the cup-cakes were yummy. I also do love a cup-cake …

Naima Sanowar July 18, 2010 at 7:04 PM


you are such a great supporter of The Guiltless, thanks for the lovely comment. Tired, over-whelmed, insanely busy, I do try to keep it moving. So the comment is rewarding. I am so proud of The Guiltless and how it is helping other Mums out there, see that you can aim, try and on certain days possibly have Guiltless moments.


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