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Evening cocktails with Andrea and Edouard

by Naima Sanowar

in Food & Drinks,Lifestyle

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Thank you everyone for being so patient and supportive of the Blog being down for the last four days. This past Thursday one of Jaden’s classmate Sophie’s parents, Andrea and Edouard,  invited The Epicurean Man and I over to their home  for cocktails and dinner. Uber excited I decided to bring a decadent chocolate cake from www.juniorscheescake.com  . Famous for their cheese-cake I opted for a sexy dark chocolate cake instead.

Andrea Ryder, is an accomplished photographer www.andrearyder.com . I just love her edgy and beautiful portraits. I have spent time with Andrea before and was excited for our husbands to meet on this ” couples date”.

 Once we got to their lovely home , Andrea had prepared for us a yummy display of cheeses, prosciutto, fresh crusty bread. Her hubby Edouard made us fabulous vodka tonics.

Conversations for the night were colorful and interesting, so was the music. We listened to Etta James, Buena Vista Social Club, Poor Righteous Teachers and Eminem. We spoke about photography ( of course), Canada ( Andrea is from there), Equestrian ( her kiddies ride horses every Saturday in Brooklyn), rap music and living in Brooklyn. A wonderful warm evening spent with new friends. Thanks Andrea and Edouardo .



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