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Friendship, coincidences and lemon sorbet

by Kirstin McKee

in Food & Drinks,Photography


Just after Ella was born, I went to a mall to do some shopping. While in a pharmacy, I saw another woman and said something to her about how amazing she looked having clearly just given birth herself. Neither of us thought anything of it until a few weeks later, when I bumped into her again while justaround the corner from our house.We started to see each other on a monthly basis and things progressed from there; Zoe is now one of my nearest and dearest friends and her daughter Georgia feels a part of our family. Even though the girls don’t go to the same school, they share a passion for all things Greek, guinea pigs, Rick Riordan, mad songs and Lord of the Rings. It’s been a joy to watch their friendship grow and how they have nurtured one another along the way through various challenges. Their characters are ever changing but together they remain a Force. We hope they remain friends, even as they enter their teenage years, and look forward to more of their adventures. I often ponder that we might never have known Georgia’s family if it had not been for that chance meeting all those years ago.

And for the record; the home-made lemon sorbet passed their stringent tasting!

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Zoe Ayling June 17, 2010 at 12:22 PM

I absolutley love this photo of Georgia & Ella they are so at one when they are together & this has been captured beautifully by Kirstin in this photo (another wonderful photo by Kirstin, don’t ever stop taking photos K !).
You could say I’m being biased as I am Zoe who treasures her friendship with Kirstin and her special family……when I think about the good things in our life K & Co are right up there! x

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