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Karate Boy and the Karate Kid

by Naima Sanowar

in Kids

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Today The Epicurean Man and I took Karate boy to finally see a movie all three of us have been anticipating for months now…. Karate Kid featuring Jaden Smith. The last few weeks every-time a NYC bus drives by with the poster of the movie plastered along it, Karate boy insisted on freezing  in the same karate stance as Jaden Smith does in the poster. Every single passerby that witness this, makes the ” awwww comment” . It is kind of cute his enthusiasm for this movie. ” Mummy I am a karate kid just like that Jaden in the movie, right?”.  Karate boy feels even more of camaraderie beyond the fact that they both know “karate”, but also because both their names are Jaden.

The movie Karate Kid was everything we all had hoped for. My karate boy hid his face for the kissing scenes, but other than that he sat at the edge of his seat for nearly all of the movie. Jaden Smith has proven himself to be growing into his acting in a very mature way for a pre-teen. He totally embodied the character in his own interpretation, and his fighting skills were quite impressive. Jackie Chan well he played quintessential Jackie Chan. Kids will love this movie, the girls in the cinema were as excited as the boys. Grown-ups will appreciate the cinematic scenes of China’s landscapes.  A feel good, knocked down but get back up kind of film. A must see for the entire family.

As we were driving home from the movies, I told Karate boy about how when I was his age growing up in Trinidad, my daddy took us to see kung-fu moves once a week. Every week-end, my brother’s and I looked forward to see a ” kick-up” as we called them. Jackie Chan in Drunken Master, one of my favorites. My little karate  boy smiled at my child-hood tales. Ahhh these are the little moments I treasure, a movie on a Sunday after-noon with my two guys.

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Gayle June 15, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Look at your Karate boy….tooo cute :)

Yeah Drunken Master is my most favourite kickup too!

Want to take my two (the older ones) to see this too.

Naima Sanowar June 15, 2010 at 12:15 PM

OMG take them, they will love the movie and so would you guys also..

Drunken Master and my favorite bad guy was Silver Fox lol

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