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A sailor in the long grass

by Kirstin McKee

in Photography

Post image for A sailor in the long grass

So I finally got my long grass shot for the summer. It’s not easy finding the right location in deepest, darkest London. But I found a nature reserve in Deptford, the light was just right and I snapped away. Ella threw a monumental strop which was perfect for the sullen pictures I wanted of her, but generally the best pictures were the ones which weren’t posed. I had been so excited about the whole process I was sure I had lost both my lens cap and car keys in the long grass, but they turned up in my bag. Phew! Then on my return I played around with the images and liked this one the most. And while they are just what I was looking for, I want to do it all again. This time in the evening light.

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Naima Sanowar June 12, 2010 at 7:10 PM

I just love this photo.


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