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The Sprinkler Challenge and the Gladiator

by Kirstin McKee

in Kids

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Last year we had our garden redone. This involved having new turf laid which also meant getting a proper sprinkler system. Many years ago my father had a sprinkler which he would move every fifteen minutes or so to move it down the garden. Things have moved on since then–and somehow become my responsibility (along with mowing the lawn which I enjoy tremendously). The very serious gardeners, upon leaving the new turf last year urged me to water it every day. I spent an hour looking at all the various gadgets in the shop (while trying not to lose Miles) and eventually chose some kind of hose computer, two hoses and two sprinklers. After doing battle for an hour once we got home, I finally got the sprinklers to do what I wanted them to do and now we have our Sprinkler Challenge. To cross the garden, past the two sprinklers, without getting wet. Our very own version of Scylla and Charybdis. Here is a picture of Miles in his gladiator helmet, about to try the challenge.

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