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Karate Boy’s Obsession With Scary Things

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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My adorable, loving Karate Boy at the tender age of four, has this sometimes unsettling obsession with scary things. So let me explain further. Karate Boy and The Epicurean Man’s bonding time  is spent  watching  SCARY MOVIES. I guess I should list them so you don’t think I am being “dramatic Naima” .

1. Ghost Hunter’s…now this I don’t mind as much since it is documentary styled lol
3.True Blood…yes you read it right. I will say in my defense if ever I catch him watching this I turn the television off immediately. Alas his daddy does not.
4. Any B horror movie on the ScFi channel

Okay I said I would never blog about this,only from sheer astonishment that he enjoys and actually bonds with his daddy over these shows/movies and also fear of getting ridiculed , though I really feel like a innocent bystander in this situation.

So speaking to one or 2 friends and professionals in child psychology. They have told me if my son is putting everything he watches in context and not having nightmares,leave it alone for a while and let the two guys bond. Hmmmm My son has not had one single nightmare to date, and I asked him if he is scared when he watches these shows with his daddy. With a genuine smile he says “No Mummy, I love watching scary movies with Dad”.

Aside from his advanced knowledge of death,killing,and blood well for a 4 year old. He seems pretty normal.

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