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Timeless Tuesday

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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Today makes it officially four days before the big day. The big 40th Birthday that is. I am not prepared today to discuss with all of you the shocking dread that is be-falling me as of last week. The dread about turning 40. I will leave this maybe till Friday, when I will need all of my fabulous Mummy’s out there to tell me ” Naim’s it is going to be ok” .

So back to today, my timeless Tuesday. It started out with a request to have coffee with a fellow mummy friend. She needed some advice about her four year old son, but I think she needed me more to vent. Thank-goodness  since I am still trying to figure out child – rearing 101 myself. Coffee turned out to be lovely, and another mummy friend spontaneously joined us. It was laughs all the way.

Home-bound I was back to mulit-tasking out of my kahuna as usual. Managing the roofer’s who are doing some steel work on our roof. Working on research for a new feature I am writing for The Guiltless. Taking Karate boy to karate.

I was able to have one Guiltless moment though. I was able to coax my lovely sister-in law Melanie to come from Queens to Brooklyn for a late lunch. Since having that amazing brunch at Cafe Gitane this past Sunday, I was still feeling  the whole middle-eastern vibe. Off to Zaytoons for a Turkish lunch. I am on a cleanse so I had to sit this one out. Melanie devoured happily her chicken kabob salad and fresh pita bread. I hardly get to spend quality time with my sister-in law, this was just wonderful and I felt so happy catching up with her. A mum on the go like me, it’s these Guiltless moments that mean so much.



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denise May 12, 2010 at 12:38 AM

Melanie’s eyes are beautiful! … so cute!

Lot’s of Love,
Denise X

Naima Sanowar May 12, 2010 at 9:29 AM

Denise, she does have beautiful blue/green eyes. Thanks for the support.


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