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Cafe Gitane – Fabulous Brunch & Kid Friendly

by Naima Sanowar

in Food & Drinks,Kids

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Here we are again and it is Mother’s Day. It still feels like such a strange day for me, even though it is my fourth. My heart is full of love and content at being The Karate Boy’s Mummy. I still feel intimidated by Motherhood, but I won’t change it for anything in the world.

At my home, Mother’s Day morning consisted of me bringing up a tray with bagels, coffee, orange juice and the Sunday paper.  The Epicurean Man and Karate Boy are lazing in bed. It is not that they don’t exclaim first thing in the morning “we will get you whatever you want for breakfast in bed” says the duo. Alas they want to in spirit, it just takes them so bloody long to get at it. So the “speedy” person that I am, I get up prepare breakfast and take it up to them in bed, so they can get up and about the morning. Knowing that they will make it up to me during the course of the day, as they always do.

They did with a fabulous, decadent late brunch at The Cafe Gitane in The Jane Hotel. Fun-fact: In 1912 survivors of the Titanic crew were held at the hotel, which was built in 1907. The Epicurean Man proceeded to keep us busy while we waited for twenty five minutes to be seated with stories, that the hotel is known to be haunted. Let us just say The Karate Boy and I were enthralled and the time flew by.

The Jaden Being Silly At The Jane Hotel

The Epicurean Man Tells Jaden Stories About The Haunted Jane Hotel

I have been hearing great things about their amazing brunches for a while now. I am a self proclaimed brunch fanatic. I can spend my days having brunch alone, with a friend, my two guys. Drinking some spectacular brunch cocktail and just leisurely eating, chatting and people watching. Last year for Mother’s day brunch , The Epicurean Man and Karate Boy took me to www.cookshopny.com . The food is beyond delicious , stylish and kid friendly.

This year we were off to Cafe Gitane. Moroccan-inflected French menu and an ambience that feels airlifted from the Left Bank with a detour to Cuba. Spectacular views of the Hudson River streams through arched windows, There’s a foosball table, The Karate Boy was in heaven playing with his dad and later on with a little boy he had just met. Yes and a turntable, playing all sorts of eclectic music. The vibe was hip yet laid back. Most importantly it was kid-friendly.

The Guys Play Foosball

For brunch The Karate Boy had orange-blossom waffles, I had to stop myself from eating half of his.. The Epicurean Man and I had spiced rum punches. Baked feta cheese with mixed olives. Moroccan couscous with red peppers, raisins, toasted pine nuts, hummus and eggplant, organic chicken. Baked pasta, roasted tomatoes, gorgonzola, breadcrumbs and prosciutto . Topping it all off with coffee and the yummiest chocolate bread pudding ever.

Spiced Rum Punch

Orange Blossom Waffles

baked pasta, roasted tomatoes, gorgonzola, breadcrumbs and prosciutto .

Moroccan Couscous with Red Peppers, Raisins, Toasted Pine Nuts, Hummus Eggplant, Organic Chicken

Yummiest Chocolate Bread Pudding

We all had such fun and feeling beyond stuffed. All agreeing that every single dish we ate was scrumptious. Cafe Gitane is perfect for brunch and lunch with the entire family. Sexy dinner with your significant other, or just chilling with some fellow yummy mummy’s. Priced reasonably I will be definitely going back soon. Love, Love Cafe Gitane.. My two guys did right by me for Mother’s Day.

Cafe Gitane in The Jane Hotel ….. 113 Jane St., at West St.; 212-255-4113


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Giselle May 10, 2010 at 5:01 PM

Naima, the pictures are great. You’re such a pro at this now. Everything looks spectacular. Could do with that Spiced Rum Punch right about now. Great job sweetie.

marisol May 10, 2010 at 5:17 PM

The food looks sooo good and the decor fab! I cant wait to check out this cafe! Maybe for my b-day in July! xo

Naima Sanowar May 10, 2010 at 9:47 PM

You must Marisol, it is just fabulous in a cool, hip way. Views are stunning of the river. Every dish we ate was scrumptious. Let me know what you think.


Naima Sanowar May 10, 2010 at 9:49 PM

Aww thanks for the confidence boost Giselle. I am slowly working on the whole photography thing. Spiced Rum was yum.


Nicole Commissiong May 11, 2010 at 5:17 PM

The food looks yummy. The pics are really awesome….congrats on the magazine launch!

Naima Sanowar May 11, 2010 at 9:03 PM

Thanks so much Nicole, I am glad yummy is translating thru the photographs. I so treasure all the support from you guys…You fabulous Mums.


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