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Secrets of A Jewish Mother

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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In order to write this new post, I am now going to have to confess to all of you that I am indeed a Real Housewives Of New York City fanatic. There I wrote it. Now for a little secret it is not only I. My cohort is The Epicurean Man ( he is going to kill me for blogging about this ) Oh well honey, when you say you are supporting the creative blogger in me, it must be un-conditional.

Anyways The Epicurean Man and I are in bed on Thursday night at 10 pm, the channel on BRAVO, sometimes with a martini, and always ready for an hour of DRAMA between these NYC Housewives. Our absolute favorite Housewife is the fabulous, mischievous , Jill Zarin.

The Fabulous Jill Zarin

So when I got the special invite by a  dear friend Lyss to attend a  luncheon hosted by Jill Zarin at the prestigious  www.21club.com I was so excited.  The luncheon was to celebrate all Mums  for Mother’s Day and to introduce Jill’s book-  Secrets Of A Jewish Mother. Jill co-wrote  the book with her Mom Gloria Kamen {has been spreading her wisdom around for years. She currently writes advice for NY’s The Daily News and Bravo.com} and her sister Lisa Wexler { an attorney and now has her own radio show,The Lisa Wexler Show which is  live, informative and entertaining}

Jill Zarin, Gloria Kamen, Lisa Wexler

I was able to talk to Lisa Wexler, we bonded over my Jewish name  “Naima” which I was told was a pleasant greeting used by Jewish folks. How awesome, I did know it meant delight and that my father a John Coltrane fan named me after one of his song’s.

I spoke with Lisa about my new Blog The Guiltless and asked her how did she , her sister Jill and Mom Gloria came up with the concept to write Secrets Of A Jewish Mother.

According to Lisa, the idea of the joint literary venture came to the trio after they realized how much “fans loved Gloria’s advice on the show.” Last June, with Lisa at the helm as “captain,” the women, who live in different states, began communicating with each other after the show, sharing ideas and written excerpts via email

Jill Zarin talks about her book

The result is a book filled with heartfelt insights from three savvy, headstrong women who share tried- and-true strategies for dealing with universal issues relating to friendship, dating, marriage, parenting, and family , and you don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate it. Their is a chapter entitled, “Family Focus- The Non-negotiable’s” to be particular enlightening because it addresses what is probably the #1 issue that polarizes families– grudges

Some of their Jewish Mother tips include:

• Dating: “A good man is hard to find, but so is a good woman. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.”
• Parenting: “Fair is not always equal; equal is not always fair.”
• Family: “Bar mitzvahs and weddings: The grudge starts here.”
• Money: “Don’t wait ’til you’re dead to give it away.”
• The cliches that matter: “Bring a gift.”

Jill and Lisa giving their Dad a big kiss

After the meet and greet with Jill Zarin her Mum Gloria and sister Lisa, we all moved into this beautiful room for a fabulous lunch, the only way a prestigious place like the 21 Club can offer. I sat at a table filled with lovely women and the conversations were all about my Blog, their business ventures , charities, our kids. Jill walked around personally greeting us once again and thanking us for the support. She maybe a trouble-maker on the NYC  Housewives but in person she is so sweet, friendly and warm. I loved her sister Lisa as well, who extended an invitation to come on her radio show to speak about The Guiltless. I had such a blast and can’t wait to finish reading my  copy of the book Secrets Of  A Jewish Mother.

Bouquet Of Garden Greens

Seared Black Bass

Chocolate Raspberry Charlotte

Secrets Of A Jewish Mother sold at Borders, Barnes & Noble and  www.amazon.com .



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