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Wow Long Flowing Hair Can Transform Me Into A Mummy Vixen

by Naima Sanowar

in Lifestyle

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Ok so here I go again with my hair fiasco’s. I should create another blog titled ” Diaries Of A Natural wearing, weave-wearing, don’t know what to do with my hair Mum”.

In December I had decided with all the fabulous holiday events to attend, I needed a new look. I wanted something sultry but sophisticated. So with a referral from a friend I made an appointment with weave specialist. www.Nicolaaugustine.com who turned out to give me my most fabulous new look.

A dear friend of mine Briam exclaimed when he saw me ” Naima you look fierce, everything seemed to have changed about you, you oooooze sex appeal”. Wow what a great confidence boost for a Mum who is always tired, over-whelmed and on the go. I mean did the “weave” instantly give me super-powers, the power being “sex appeal” LOL

Well, no the weave did not give me a super-power called sex-appeal. It did make me wear high 5 inch boots daily, but then again my short new look months before did the same thing. I will say what had given me that sexier feeling was the desire for CHANGE period. Whether it was a long sexy weave, or sassy short hair do. A change in what you wear daily like throwing on the 5 inch heeled boots to drop the kids to school as opposed to the usual Ugg boots. My long flowing weave lasted a mere two weeks before I opted for my shorter, natural curly do. Now in the month of May I am feeling for that divamum feel and look. I turn 40 and well need an instant transformation. I have no GUILT about this bit of vanity, actually I feel quite GUILTLESS. So just go for it and change something about yourself, what you wear , your hair, make-up, health. Remember who you once were before that loving baby came along, you are still there, why not have it all…


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